Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Sunset Nails

Inspiration from here
 With these gorgeous summer days why not try and paint these hot Sunset Nails. Its really easy to do and will suit short or long nails.!. (I've done them on mine and my sisters nails.!)

L.A. Colors Art Deco - Red & Black, Rimmel - 440 Orange Bliss, & BarryM - 307 Lemon Ice Cream

1. Your going to need to paint your entire nail orange.!.

2. Once its completely dry, with your Yellow nail polish paint on streaks (like there would be in the sky) these would look almost like clouds/highlights.

3. Do the same but with a red nail polish. BUT keep it to lower down the nail so that there is a sorta a gradual tone. (and surrounding the bottom of the yellow.)

4. With a nail polish with a thin brush draw on the shape. (Now if you look in the picture below you'll see on my little finger the main shape you will need for the tree.! Just try to copy this and then after ad more branches in random directions.!.

5. To add the bird just add a dot, then from that dot make a "V" shape and from the end the "V" add a downward flick.

5. And Viola.! your done.!.! Remember to clean up these edges and let me know how you guys get on with these?

P.S. Even without the design i think the background looks pretty cool on its own too.!.

L.F.A. Xx