Friday, 31 May 2013

Maybeline Polka Dot Nails

While my lovely friend and I were studying we took time out to paint our nails. (As you casually do...)

And so I thought I'd try out these two nail polishes I bought in a 3 for 2 deal at Superdrugs! I bought 2 nail polishes from the Maybeline ColorShow Collection.
The 554 Lavender Lies and the 197 Chalk Dust.
They are amazing! I only needed one coat of Lavender Lies. (So it's true to its colour!) and it dries quickly too!
Of course with the Chalk Dust you can do as many coats as you want as it depends on how dotty you want it to look.
Not only is their quality brilliant but their value for money (especially with the deal) is phenomenal they retail at only £2.99 each for 7ml of product.! So, will you be getting these??

P.S. Call me crazy but don't these remind you of Easter Eggs or Marble?

L.F.A. Xx

Monday, 27 May 2013

Black Sandals (Risky)

Not only did I buy the outfit I got in my last post, but I also managed to grab these amazing Black Flatform Sandals (Down to Earth) from Risky at Vicarage Field Shopping Centre in Barking.

Will you be getting these?
Now being a tall gurl (5"7) I struggle to find an excuse to wear heels everyday and to not look abnormal when I do. Don't get me wrong I still wear them and own many but Flatforms are one of the most comfortable ways of being a an inch or so taller without the after pain of heels!
These sandals are unbelievably comfortable considering they were only £9!! When I saw how cheap these were, I just could not leave without them. Especially as I've seen similar styles retailing from £20 to even £180.

So gals! Go out and get yourself a pair of these snazzy sandals!!!

P.S. There are some in other colours too!!! Faded out Pink and Silver!!

L.F.A. Xx

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Casual Greek Style (Under £2)

I went to Vicarage Field Shopping Centre in Barking and managed to put together this outfit.
All for under £2!!
The dress is from a random little store we saw (it seems to be almost like a thrift store since there was only one left in washed out Green/Khaki) and it cost me £1. Its almost a dungarees style but its just above the ankles. (Not as short as the ones we're seeing in stores.) 

As this dress was size-less I used a belt to cinch in my waist. You can get one from anywhere or where one you already have.

The top underneath is a Tie-Back Top (it's pretty backless!) in Dark Blue Tie-Dye. But I used it as like a bandeau top and I think it gives some sort of colour to the outfit! 
It originally came with trousers of the same print but....they weren't that nice so they're being passed of to family :) and since it was only £1 technically the Top was then 50p

To finish off the look I would wear a pair of sandals and a cute gold or silver accessory like a bracelet.(depending on the colour of the buckle on your belt)

P.S. Sorry for the chipped nails!! ....and just remember never judge the look of a store for its contents. Use your imagination and have fun with fashion!

L.F.A. Xx

Sunday, 19 May 2013

French Pink Bow Nail Art (Topshop)

Today I went to a Beautiful Baby Girls Christening and so I felt inspired to do this really cute easy pink bow nail art design.

These really cute pink bows were bought from a Nail Art set (£2.50 from Topshop) which as you can see below also bring a selection of Pink Bows, Cupcakes, Hearts, and Stars.

So to do these:

  • Paint your nails a plain light pink colour (French Pink - from a nail set given to me in Christmas so any will do.) ((Make sure they are completely dry!!!!)) 
  • Then take the bows out and get them ready. 
  • With a clear nail polish paint a line to the area you will stick it. 
  • Stick the Bow onto the line and hold it down till dry. 
  • Then paint over the nail and bow again in clear nail polish to fully secure it in place!

P.S. These are sort of 3D and so they will feel slightly odd on the nail and may get caught in gurls do your hair first!!

L.F.A. Xx

Monday, 6 May 2013

Scribble Nail Design (Vertical)

These vertical Scribble Nails are really easy to paint. All your going to need is a Base colour, the design colour (preferably a contrasting colour) and a toothpick. And the colours I chose were: White - (Boots), Purple - (Nails Supreme) and the Top Coat - (Boots).
  1. First you need to paint the base colour onto your nails. (I decided on white...well because it goes with anything). Make sure they are completely dry!
  2. Then you you add your other nail polish (I chose Purple!) to the end of  your nail (where your cuticles are) and with a toothpick just scratch through the nail polish whilst its wet; until you get the desired height.
  3. After you let that dry completely, you can add your top coat and your good to go!
Tip. If you get any nail polish on your skin you can get rid of it with a cotton bud/swab soaked in nail polish remover!

L.F.A. Xx

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Argan Oil (Xpel Products)

As we've seen over the years Argan Oil products have been popping up everywhere, and so being a girl who struggles with frizz I decided to try these out:

These two Argan Oil (Xpel Marketing) only cost me £1 each (from Poundland), so I wasn't really expecting miracles but these actually aren't that bad. I only got the Conditioner and the Hair Treatment because, I really don't care what shampoo I use (although... maybe I should start to...)
Anyway. The Conditioner was actually quite nice. Its not too thick and it does have a perfumed scent but fear not its subtle. Considering that fact that its £1 for 150ml of product that actually left my hair feeling soft. I'd say it's a goodie.
The Hair Treatment (30ml) was okay. I really like the fact that it didn't leave my hair feeling crispy or really oily, but I hated the smell whilst putting it on. It reminds me of soap which is not something I look for in a treatment, but fortunately the smell doesn't stay in your hair. Also it says 4-5 drops are recommended for long hair, but I don't think that's enough (well for curly hair that is) I used about 8+ drops.

Overall I'd recommend this to those with fine (and manageable) hair, or when you find yourself on a tight budget.
 L.F.A. XX