Sunday, 7 July 2013

Obsession - Calvin Klein (Perfume)

If you looking for a perfume for the evening or (in my opinion) a mature scent I would definitely get this perfume.!. 
Personally I think this scent caters more to the older woman but I still think anyone who likes an Oriental & Spicy/Flora type of scent will enjoy this perfume.

Also considering most perfumes that cater to older women normally have a floral with a talc sort-of scent (you can already guess, I suck at descriptions) but this doesn't so I think this is a much better option if your stuck for gift ideas to give your mum or grandmother.

I took the liberty of finding the cheapest possible price for the 100ml bottle for you guys. So if you go to Cheap Smells (<---- Click to go directly to perfume) you can order it there for just £24.95.!.!. And I believe its free delivery.!.! So Bargain.!

P.S.  Have you got any other Calvin Klein perfumes you love?

L.F.A. Xx

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