Thursday, 4 July 2013

Happy 4th July Nails.!.!.!

Happy 4th of July to everyone and anyone celebrating.!.! 
This day inspired me to be creative and design creative patriotic nails.!.!

Alright. I may not be American but I still love these colours, and it was a lovely challenge to paint these on. Plus nail art should be fun.!.! 

Oh the irony. I know this is the 17 BEST OF BRITISH Nail Art Kit but the colours and type of brush were ideal to recreate the American Flag.
17 (SEVENTEEN) - Midnight Sapphire, Mini Skirt, and Knockout Red
Thin Brushes are perfect for nail art as it gives you the opportunity for detail. Also if you can't find these brushes you can make them yourself with an old nail varnish brush. (wash it, remove all nail polish remnants, and trim to the brush thickness you desire.)

If you want to recreate this then:

  • Paint your base colour White (it'll be easier and help the other colours stand out.!.)
  • With the Sapphire Blue paint a "V" shape at the top of your nail and try to make the "V" angular. (like a corner of a square.
  • Fill in the "V" Shape completely and make sure its dry.!.
  • With Knockout Red draw stripes! and try to make them equally apart. And if you look at a flag you'll notice one of the red stripes continues from the Stars section.....sooo start from there. 
  • Now we have 3 Options for the style of stars you want for decoration!
    • You can add the Star Nail Art (Topshop) which you may have seen before. And it gives it a cute, child-like appearance.
    • Or for a more authentic look you could draw on the stars individually with the Mini Skirt nail polish.
  • Then let this completely dry and top it off with a Top Coat.!.

P.S. Which one do you guys prefer? Nail Art Stars or Nail Design Stars?

L.F.A. Xx

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