Saturday, 31 August 2013

& Other Stories - Carda Red Lamé Lip Gloss


As you may remember from my & Other Stories Haul I ended up buying one of their Lip Glosses in Carda Red Lamé which was on SALE from £7.00 down to £3.50.!.

This was one hell of a bargain especially considering the pigmentation. It is sooo bright (which I love) and is true to colour. It does have glitter particles which makes it more appropriate for the Night or Christmas but meh I don't mind. To me it just means that lips will look plumper ;)

Once I removed the packaging I was pleasantly surprised to see the engraving "& Other Stories" on the bottle.!. Don't you think this is sooo chiq.!. I just think it makes it look so expensive and classy.!.
The brush is also very nice and soft, I know some people may not find this hygienic but I like it and I don't mind. Also the bottle itself squeezes excess product so you won't be wasting lots of product.

So have you guys tried any Lip Glosses lately?
L.F.A. Xx

Friday, 30 August 2013

MUA Haul!!

As you know I love a bargain. And when MUA (a brand that is already very affordable) has a SALE I just have to stock up!

Shade 2 and Shade 3
First and foremost I needed a new Bronzer one that wasn't shimmery and in-expensive. And so I decided to get these. Each one on SALE for 50p each.!.!. Though they are usually £1 still very cheap. I couldn't help it I bought Shade 2 and 3, as I didn't know what the shades would look on my skin.

Secondly I really needed a Brow Gel! I wanted a clear one as I wouldn't need to worry about the shade matching (The Gel was clear but I have been using it so its gone a little cloudy...). So I got the MUA Mascara in Shade 1.  I know, I know it's a mascara but meh.!. Plus it was only £1.

And lastly I ordered the Fashionista Diamonds Rocks in Red Diamond for on SALE for £1 down from £4.  Perfect for Halloween or for a dark, rocky, edgy look to my nails! 

So have you guys got any products from MUA? Any must haves?

L.F.A. Xx

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Lush Haul.!.!.

Lush the store you can smell from a mile away. Some people hate it but I love it!

I have tried some of their stuff before as I've been gifted them but I had refrained during the years to go into Lush as their sales people tend to be pushy and annoying but luckily as the Stratford Westfield Store was quite busy I was left to myself (which I'm very happy about)

First I picked up the Space Girl Bath Bomb for £2.10
This is such a cute Bath Bomb as its actually shaped like a planet.!. And the glitter and popping candy make it look extra galactic.!.

Secondly sticking to the Galactic/Space theme I picked up an Ickle Baby Bot Bath Bomb for just £1.95 which is super cheap and I think it's just soo cute.!. Even if it is for Baby's I'd still use it, just that it may be good for sensitive skin :)

As it was my friends birthday I gifted her both the Space Girl Bath Bomb and the Ickle Baby Bot as they were the same theme and looked cute!

Last but not least I picked up the Sex Bomb Bath Bomb for £3.20
It is definitely worth the price as this bath bomb is huge.!.  And is such a bright pink and purple and has a lovely cute small flower imbedded in the top. 

So what have you guys gotten from Lush?
And what are their must have products??

L.F.A. Xx

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Day Trip to Bournemouth.!.!.!

I just had to write my Blog name initials!

What better way to make the most of a Bank Holiday Monday than to go to the beach?!

Okay most people in London went to Notting Hill Carnival but I've been there done that and quite frankly just wanted to chill. So of course I decided to go chill on the Sandy Beaches of Bournemouth.!.

Yes.! I made the most of the Summer Fever offer!! Nails: Revlon - Cloudy
We got the train there and OMG it's two hours away.!. Luckily we were equipped with snacks and hot chocolate & coffee.!.!.

Sorry! (for the people whose faces are seen!)
Thankfully it was a glorious sunny day and I got to bask on the sun and too up my tan.!.!. (Bless my mum she got seriously burnt and when we got home we had to use Aloe Vera Gel)
Can't believe this is England!
My goodness the distance from the station to the beach is just....forever.!.!. And the Hills.! I can't imagine walking up and down everyday.!.....though I would end up having amazing legs...anyway.
Just had to take a selfie! and OMG the water was freeezing!!! Nails: Revlon - Royal

Also the SAND.!.!.! It's a sandy beach.!.!. After having been to Barbados a couple of years back all of the beaches I had seen had been to after that had just fallen sooo short of my expectations but Bournemouth had SAND.!.!.!. 

Unfortunately I couldn't make a sandcastle but instead I attempted to make a Octopus out of the sand.!.! I think I did can be the judge of it.!.!.
So have you guys been to Bournemouth??
L.F.A. Xx

Sunday, 25 August 2013

& Other Stories (Haul)

Since I first went to the store way back in May/June and bought one of their scrubs I just fell in love. So I just had to go back and purchase another scrub.!.!
I was soooo tempted to buy another Equatorial Dreams since I loved it so much but I thought I'd just try something new. And so I picked up a Shinjuku Blossom Scrub for just £7.
I also picked up one of their Lip Glosses in Carda Red Lamé which was on SALE from £7.00 down to £3.50.!.!.!. Total Barg right?!?

So have you guys gotten anything from & Other Stories lately?

P.S. I'm not sure if you remember my peace ring from my nail photos but I left it on the sink in store.!.! So sad.!.!. T.T

L.F.A. Xx

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Clacton-On-Sea (Mini Holiday)

Yes....I am one of those gals who go on holiday and take cheesy selfies.!.!.!

Okay I have been an awful blogger.!.! I've not posted anything recently, mainly because I was off on a little holiday with ma bestie from Summers Beauty on a Budget.!.!.

We stayed at a beach home (literally the sandy beach & sea was the back garden.!.!.!!.) down at Point Clear. I must say the peace and quite I experienced was almost scary... But very welcoming. I'm a city girl through and through, I'll always be used to hearing police sirens, cars and annoying neighbours.... So just having to hear the waves of the sea was refreshing.!.

This was literally the view from the living room (the back garden ;) doesn't it look phenomenal? The house was amazing. I totally want a beach house.!.!.

Day 1

Traveling day, which I might add is very very boring unless you have food and music.! (Don't worry I was fully prepared)
Summer was already there as she and her family had arrived the day before, so we met at the station and we set of to the Pier to chill and then off to the Beach "Home".!.

Day 2

We mainly had a lazy morning, sitting outside basking in the sun, stocking up on that Vitamin D, and just wandering around locally. 
In the afternoon we hired those 4-Seater Bikes and rode around in them.!. My gosh they were so much fun.!.!....though definitely a huge workout.!.
And In the evening went in the fair and rode on as many rides we could and enjoyed killing each other on the Bumper Cars/Dodgems.!.!.

After we went into this really cute restaurant called Charnallies and OMG its just like a typical American Diner. I loved it.!.!. I was soooo nice and cosy...and cute. The food was sooooooooooo good. Of course I got the New York Style Chicken & Bacon Burger.!.!

Day 3

Much to my sad dismay I had to go pack to get back to London.!.!.and soo the morning was just spent enjoying my last minute sun soaking and silent peaceful atmosphere.

So now that I'm back and have no other engagements I'll try and post regularly again.!.! YAY.!.

L.F.A. Xx

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Minnie Mouse Nails (Allura - Bows)

Did you guys love Minnie Mouse as a kid? Well these Bows from Allura just remind me of them sooo much!

If you have seen my Half Polka Dot Nails post you will know how managed to do the basic design. And so follow all the steps from this post --->here<--- and then...
Please excuse the messy edges!
7. Once completely dry add a dot of Top Coat or Nail Glue to where the bow will be.
8. Place the bow on the dot and hold till dry.

9. And Viola.!.! Cute nails.
You can get a set of these for £1 a pack from Poundland which comes with 10 bows (2 per colour).

P.S. Guys remember once you put them on they are very impractical and can feel heavy but aren't they just gorgeous? 

L.F.A. Xx

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Gabrini Multivitamin Nail Varnish - Green 362 & 373

I got these lovey two Gabrini Multivitamin green nail polishes from my local pharmacy for just £1 each.!

Bit sickly..but after many layers its awesomely bright!!

This is how the 362 (Bright Green) looks like. You will need 3 coats to get the full colour! Oh and I'm so sorry about my I un-even nails...(they broke.!)

And this is the 373 (Emerald Green). It's a little sparkly, and you only need 2 coats. 
Both nail polishes also dry very quickly!

Anyway these only cost me £1 each!! So total bargain! and they come in loads of other colours too.!

P.S. Don't you find elderly people sooo cute sometimes?

L.F.A. Xx

Friday, 2 August 2013

UNIQLO Haul.!.!


Last I went to Oxford Street I managed to pick up some lovely items.! and of course I started in one of my favourite stores. UNIQLO .!.! I picked up 2 Floral Skinny Jeans and a Paisly Print Legging Trouser all for just £17.70.!.! Total Bargain Right?

I just had to buy these two Skinny Jeans on SALE from £19.90 to £4.90.!.!
That is just unbelivabely cheap, and i've gotten other jeans from UNIQLO, so I know for sure that they are durable.!These jeans are also stretchy and so they shape well to your body.! And these small Floral/Foliage Prints tend to suit everybody and are very subtle.

I also picked up these Legging Trouser on SALE from £14.90 to £7.90.!.!
These are soooo comfortable, especially as they have an elasticated waist band, which means it will fit any size and shape.

This trouser is in a Lime Green-ish colour in a Paisley Print whitch I think is great for the summer or for on holiday. Especially as these trousers are really light and thin.!.!

So have you guys bought anything from UNIQLO recently?

L.F.A. Xx

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Bridal Nails (Allura - Nail Charms)

It's your special day. You have the perfect dress, styled hair... But wait...what about your nails?
Why not try adding Nail Charms to try and give a twist to the classic French Manicure? These Allura Nail Charms have a Nail Charm for anyone's preference. And the whole pack comes for as little as £1 from Poundland.!.!

I have used my two favourites which are the two bows, for this look. Now you don't have to do the same but I think it looks sooo cute.!.! Your going to also need a white and silver nail polish.!

1. Paint you nails White. (A couple of coats should do, to get that solid white colour)
2. With a Silver Nail Polish paint a line right at the end of your nail. (Almost imitating a French Manicure)
3. Let that completely dry.!.!.!.!
4. With a top coat add a dot to the area where your Charm will be.
5. Place the Charm onto the dot and hold it till dry.
6. Ta-Daa.!.!.! Unique and fabulously cute nails.!!

Due to the size of the Big Bow I decided to add it to the thumb and I used the smaller one on the Ring finger since the bow's special  it's White and Silver.!
So get creative and try these out.!!

P.S. Remember these charms will add weight to your nails and so it will be harder to do things....but I promise it's worth it.!

L.F.A. Xx