Sunday, 28 July 2013

Summer/Holiday Essentials: Skincare

Are you planning on going on holiday or have these summery days left you confused on what products to use? Well here are my recommendations.!.!


Neutrogena Visibly Clear Oil Free Moisturiser
This is my favourite face cream for the summer as it leaves my skin feeling cool and fresh! (Hallelujah) I love it. Its Light-weight, It doesn't break me out and I feel like its tones my face!

Boots:  £4.69 (2 for £5)
Superdrug: £3.12 (On Sale)

Malibu 15 SPF Bronzing Tanning Oil-
I'm not the biggest fan (At All!) of products that smell like coconuts as I think it's sometimes it's overpowering BUT Malibu got the formula just right! Not only does it actually smell nice but it leaves my legs (and body) feeling nourished and glowing. 
Plus it has UVA & UVB protection.!.!

Superdrug: £5.99

Nivea Kids SPF 50 -
 I assume that if its for kids it's perfect for sensitive skin but I only use this if its REALLY hot and sunny as it leaves a blu-ish/white-ish tinge on my skin (medium/ the summer) If you have paler skin this wont affect you. 
Plus it's WATER RESISTANT.! So perfect for the beach/pool.!. 
AND it's got UVB &  UVB protection.!.!

Boots: £5.24 (On Sale the Baby one)

Holland & Barrett - Aloe Vera Gel
Now if you've been a little naughty and have forgotten to reaply your sun cream throughout the day, and you now find yourself burnt....well Barbadensis Aloe Vera Gel will become your best friend with its healing and cooling properties plus it prevents your skin from peeling!
You could use a after sun cream but when I went to Barbados for a holiday locals sold Aloe Vera Gel for sun burnt holidayers and it pretty much saved our vacation.! 

Plus this one is ORGANIC, Suitable for VEGETARIANS & VEGANS.!

200ml - £6.99 (2 for £7)
100ml - £3.99

Other Stories - Equatorial Dreams Body Scrub -
Scrubs for me are an essential item you must have no matter what especially in the summer as you get all sweaty and clammy and since sun creams are sooo heavy your gonna want to get that off. Plus crusty/flakey legs are a big No No..!

Other Stories (Regent Street) - £7

Soap & Glory - Return to Slender, Body Contouring Gel
This unfortunately is no longer available (T.T) and I literally stocked up when I last bought them. 
So of course I went on a search to find an alternative for you guys but the ones I found were extremely expensive (Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control 200ml - £36) BUT thanks to Beauty Angel recommended one she'd tried. (Nivea Q10 Cellulite Cream 75ml - £7.45) very affordable.!

Boots: £7.45 (Nivea Q10)
Debenhams: £36 (Clarins)

I love these gels because they are cooling (really cold) and so this helps tighten/clench  your muscles giving you slender looking legs.! (Of course if you want spectacular legs then obviously we're going to have to do excessive too! ;)

So what are your Skincare essentials? 
And have you tried any other body contouring gels?

L.F.A. Xx

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