Thursday, 4 July 2013

Woven Ballerina Shoes (RISKY)

These woven shoes are perfect for the summer.!. Though they originally came with a lace ribbon going through the holes but I hated it..and so...I took that off.

These shoes from Risky are a pretty good dupe for the Malawi Leather Woven Flat Ballerina shoes that are sold in Dune for £55.!.!
To me that is just an extortionate price! Especially as I got these for only £7.50.!. That's more than 70% off!!! Of course the cheaper ones are not leather but they are really worth it, especially as they are so cheap and any shoe I own...I destroy.
If you don't have £55 to spare but still want to rock the style
then pop into Risky and get these.!.!.!
This style of shoe is great for sunny summer days (or a day it doesn't rain) because you can let your feet breathe, but if your toes or feet are in a bad state you can hide them.!.

P.S. These come in a couple of other colours; Brown, Black and clearly Blue.

L.F.A. Xx

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