Saturday, 13 July 2013

Body Shop Haul

Body Shop have a huge sale going on online (and in-store) and I just could stop myself from ordering some stuff (especially with the discount code 14669.!)
I got this 100ml of Love ETC Eau de Parfum for only £9.97 when it's worth £25.!.!

This scent is a Floral/Musky scent... (I suck at describing but it is actually very nice.!)and not only that this perfume partakes in "Community Fair Trade with their Organic Alcohol coming from sugarcane grown in Ecuador." So I can feel reassured that those who contributed to this earned a fair wage.!

I also got this Mint Lip Roll On Gloss: Usually from £4  but I got it down to £2.60.!.!  
To me this is by far one of the BEST Lip Gloss' I have ever owned.! I bought one last year when it first came out and just had to repurchase it.! It leaves an amazing "tingly?" feeling on my lips. They  immediately feel plumed and soooo soft.! 
and If your lips are dry & crusty (admit it.... it happens to the best of us) This will repair it instantly. 

Then I got 3 Body Butters:

1. A Raspberry One
From £13 usually, to £6 on sale, to then £3.25.!.!.!

2. A Passion Fruit One
Again From £13 usually, to £6 on sale, to then £3.25.!.!.!

3. And my all time favourite Cranberry.!.
Usually a Christmas Scent From £13 usually, to £5 on sale, to then £2.60.!.!.!

I got loads of the creams for my family and friends and I saved a total of £80 due to the discount code 14669.! So if I can convince you to get anything from the Body Shop it would be the Mint Roll On Gloss (as I can't possibly rave anymore about it.!.!)
So guys get online and get shopping!

P.S. Do you guys miss the old packaging??

L.F.A. Xx

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