Thursday, 31 July 2014

World Cup Nails - Team Germany (The Winners)

First of all I must say congratulations to Team Germany on their success in winning the World Cup especially as they're the first European country to win a World Cup in Las Americas!!
As I have watched almost every game it was much deserved, even though I was rooting for any South American country....(apart from Brazil since they took out Colombia!) So of course I was ecstatic they beat they were beat by 7.1 !!!

Anyway enough of the footie and on to the beauty. I decided even though it is over to at least award them with their own set of nail art!
So for these nail polishes I used for this design: Masglo - Amarillo, White - Boots, Essence - Back to Black, SEVENTEEN - Knockout Red and of course my nail art brushes!

So once you have your polishes ready, follow these instructions:
Here are a little tips and tricks to help you perfect this design:
Have PATIENCE and make sure your in the right mood (aka CALM mood) so you can try these!
Make sure the base colours are completely dry before drawing any art on top.

  • Masking Tape I would suggest adding a corner of a piece of masking tape, draw the lines then remove masking tape and fill in white.
  •  Paint the entire nail white, draw an upside down triangle in a light colour. Then draw the stripes up to the triangle.

INDEX FINGER - (click --> here <-- for details to help you achieve this.

  1. Paint Base Coat. (Please wait till 100% dry!!) 
  2. Draw a cross with raised up arms down the middle of your nail.
  3. Then from a little above where the lines cross draw an upside down triangle  and a filled in semi-circle so it can look like a bird. 
  4. From the bottom of the triangle draw two lines (arrow pointing upwards shape)
  5. Draw two semi-circles, but add a small downward flick at the end of the bottom one.
  6. Then draw 4 lines coming down from the arms to create the wings (make them smaller as they go in)
  7. Fill in the wings and try and make the top part thicker.
  8. With a Red add the claws to the arrow pointing upwards shape and the beak. Make sure the top beak has a downward flick.
  9. Add the finishing touches with a white to make the eye, and with the black flatten the head with a flick at the end and add 3 muscle like shapes to the top of the wings!

So let me know what you think guys! Would you like to see other countries even though it's no longer the World Cup?
If you try these or have you own tag me on Twitter or Instagram @lovefromangelic so I can see!!

L.F.A. Xx

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

World Cup Nails - Argentina


If your are keeping up with the World Cup we now know all the groups that have qualified for the next round and Argentina is one of them, going to the quarter finals!!!
So if you want to support this Team why not give yourself this Team Argentina mani!

Now I will admit all of the nails are relatively simple but the Thumb. So if you want to have a crack at all of them kudos to you if not you can always repeat and change it up a little!
The polishes I used were, Masglo - Amarillo, Essence - Once Upon a Time... and Black is Back, Nails Inc. - Queen Victoria Street, BarryM Gelly Hi-Shine - Blueberry, and Boots - White.
Initially I wasn't entirely convinced that Blueberry was the exact shade if blue for the Argentinian flag however after much deliberation I think this is as close as I could possibly get so don't kill me if it's bit off!!!

So to recreate these nails follow these instruction:

Of course here are some tips and tricks for you to be able to achieve this easier!
  • These took me a good 20-30mins to create because of the thumb, so I suggest you be PATIENT and are in a  calm or creative mood!
  • For clearer tips on how to create the index read the 4th Bullet point --> here<--
  • Make sure you base colours are completely dry before attempting any  

  1. First of all try and draw a circle onto the nail as a guide for the entire shape. 
  2. Then draw 4 long triangles pointing outwards. (Horizontal and Vertical)
  3. Draw another 4 Triangles pointing outwards. (In between each horizontal and vertices triangle)
  4. On either side of each point draw a squiggle (almost like a stretched out/elongated "S") Try and make it that all are facing the same way but if you can't that's fine. 
  5. Now with a darker colour preferably a brown/bronze draw a thin outline for each sun ray. (I only had a metallic bronze and to be honest I think it makes it looks much better since the sun is meant to be bright and shinning) TIP - it may be easier to start the line from the point down back to the centre.
  6. Now with the same colour outline the circle to define the centre/face of the sun.
  7. OPTIONAL - Finally only if you really feel up to the task and confident you can attempt to draw in some eyes, nose and mouth. (Because in the Argentinian flag the sun has a face)
  • TIP - try and make your brush as flat as possible by taking off any excess and leaving the lowest amount of product possible, and when re-dipping try to only get nail polish onto the tip of the brush.

So guys let me know what other countries you want to see and if you try these please tag me @lovefromangelic on Twitter or Instagram as would love to see how your supporting your country and of course Team Argentina!

L.F.A. Xx