Sunday, 29 December 2013

What I got for Christmas!

As it was Christmas I thought it would nice to share with you what I got this year!
Like everyone I was given the gifts I Love, the ones I Needed and the you really shouldn't have, no really gifts.
So first the best gift ever was the Surface Tablet 2 (from which I'm currently writing from.!.!.!)

Then these 3 lovely jumpers. A Grey Knitted Jumper from Lipsy and a Beige and Dark Green Jumper from Primark.!.

A Knitted Polo Neck Jumper from H&M and a Pyjama Nightdress from BHS. 
You guys probably think I'm mad.!. T'is the season to be wearing fluffy trousers as PJ's but I find it uncomfortable and much prefer sleeping in shorts and baggy t-shirts or a Nightdress.

A Carhartt Grey Beanie, a silver Anklet, and 2 earrings.

Body Shop Cranberry Set and a Barry M Lipgloss, Headmaster Root Boost Mousse and Headmaster Shine Spray (All from my bestie.!.! YES I'm too spoilt.!.)
Body Shop Raspberry Body Butter, Sanctuary Spa Body Soufflé. 
French Connection Purse, Body Spray, Lipgloss and Mirror.
And a JLS Kiss Perfume.

That's all.!.! Well I shall let you decide what category they fit in.

What did you guys get for Christmas? 

L.F.A. Xx

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Vogetti Large Wide Tooth Comb (Finger Comb)

I got this lovely comb from the Company Beauty Week Goodie Bag and my it's brilliant!

If you have curly hair like myself you will know that any other types of brushes are a no go area! Unless you desire frizzy and bushy hair, or worse damaging your luscious locks! As brushes with smaller bristles tend to damage you hair or not let it be in its optimum natural level.

Most hair types will benefit from Wide Tooth Combs as it can be used in the shower as a detangler, with minimum damage to your hair. Personally I use it after a shower to evenly distribute frizz control products through my hair as I feel that it separates my curls but doesn't crush them or de-shape them?

Mine came in this bright pink colour (at least I can't lose it...) but I do know that it also comes in Black. What I will say is that after a couple of uses the logo (the writing on it) has smudged quite a bit but to be honest that doesn't really bother me as its not as if it was something majorly appealing.

What I would say is be carfeful upon dropping this particular one as I belive its made of glass or are glass like plastic (sorry for the terrible despriction) its just that I may kind of have broken one off already... (I know.!. I'm a butter fingers) so maybe invest in a wooden one?

You can from here for £3.25.

L.F.A. Xx

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Paul Mitchell - Ultimate Wave - Beachy Texture Cream-Gel

As you may or may not know I have naturally curly hair (when I say Curly I mean unruly, at times frizzy, almost uncontrollable curly hair) which means I'm always looking to find new brands or new DIY recipes, new products that will help me tame my hair.
And here I present: Paul Mitchell - Ultimate Wave - Beachy Texture Cream-Gel.

Obviously this is not the amount I used. Ha!... If only! 

Initially I got this from my Company Beauty Week Goodie Bag and I only decided to try it recently as an occasion presented itself for it (My Nephews birthday early October).
As you can see the product is opaque/clear and it smells sooo fresh and kinda fruity.!. What I loved the most is that (for me) it doesn't leave that annoyingly sticky/tacky feeling gels or wax leave on your fingers after you've applied it your hair.!.

Washed my hair (we all know how insanely crazy and unmanageable curly hair can get after wash Day)

"Directions: Apply to damp hair in loose, seperate sections. Air dry or duffuse. Scrunch lightly when dry."
I followed instructions and applied it onto my hair and combed it through with my Vogetti - Wide Tooth Comb Brush and let it air dry (I don't own a diffuser- I know shameful)
Also don't you just love that they don't say add a "Pea Sized Amount" because lets be honest. We never do, and even if we do it most certainly isn't enough!

Anyway after a whole day of being out and about, celebrating etc here is the finished result. (I'm sorry for the terrible quality and I highly blanked out skin but I wanted to focus on the curls and to be honest the lighting in my bathroom sucks.!.
But You can see every single strand of hair has held its curl.!. I received so many compliments. Even my sister noticed the difference and asked me what I had used.!. Even the next day my curls still looked fabulous so I'd say its perfect for a night out! I loved how my hair didn't feel stiff. It felt so soft and natural.

So I can absolutely recommend this to all my curly haired sisters.!.!.!. Only issue is its a little hard to get hold of as its a Salon Product.
I believe you can get it from Headmasters Salons or online from:
Look Fantastic for: £11.95 (150ml)
Hair Trade for: £5.95 (75ml)

Have you tried this yet? Any other curly hair product recommendations?

L.F.A. Xx

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Nail Art Deco (Topshop)

 You may or may not know that I love nail art.!. I'm constantly following and looking for nail art blogs or instagram-ers? if you guys can recommend me some let me know.!
Anyway back to the point. I just wanted to show you guys these two little goodies I got from Topshop a while back. (I kinda forgot I hadn't posted it.....hehehehehe.!.)

First I got these Flower Nail Decals for £2.50.!. I think all of these are sooo cute and I can't wait for my nails to grow just that little bit longer to try them out.!. (Of course you can use these with short nails...but I just tend to complicate my life for no reason at all.)

You can get these online ---> here <---

And the other packet I got were these Creature/Animal Nail Art Decals also for £2.50. Initially I only got them for the Lady Birds as they just look adorable.!. But as I hadn't really used them and didn't really plan to. I decided to gift them to a younger cousin of mine who's really into Arts and Crafts, and girly stuff. 

I couldn't find these particular ones online but if you pop into a Topshop with a Make-up stand you should be able to find them. (I got them from the Oxford Street Store in London)

 Have you tried or got these?

L.F.A. Xx

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Nails Inc - Queen Victoria Street

Hallelujah!..A photo with decent lighting!!

Lets be honest. A nail polish post has been much overdue, and now that I consider my nails to be an acceptable length to properly paint my them, I decided to try one of the freebies I got from my Company Beauty Week Goodie Bag and that is the Nails Inc - Queen Victoria Nail Polish.!.!.

Believe it or not I had never actually tried any of Nails Inc Polishes before, as to be honest I just thought they were a bit expensive considering my terrible habit of picking of my nail polish minutes after putting it on.
(I know, I know...very counter productive but at least I don't bite them? Right?)

However fear not for the purpose of all nail polish posts I refrain from doing so, to get an accurate opinion on the product.
Anyway as you can see the brush is thin/standard size (which I prefer....I'm not really a big fan of the wide brush...too much room for mistakes) Also this nail polish contains 10ml of product and costs £11 which is a lot considering it's the same amount as a Barry M polish.

However the level of pigmentation in this nail polish is phenomenal. The color is exactly the same as the bottle, and you can get away with one coat. Granted it may not last you the same as if you had 2 layers on but if in a rush you could swipe this on and not have to worry about streaky nails.
This color is beautiful, though on websites descriptions it is depicted as an Emerald Green.....personally I'd say its more of a Greener Teal, which I think is a great color for all year round and all skin tones.
Overall I'd say Nails Inc. is a good nail polish to invest in as it did last a good couple of days and the level of pigmentation is probably one of the best.
You can get this Nails Inc - Queen Victoria Nail Polish for £11 from Nails Inc, John Lewis, and Look Fantastic
Or RIGHT NOW you can get it from Beauty Bay for £8.91 with Free Delivery.!.!

L.F.A. Xx

P.S. Yes I actually looked it up to find where I can get you guys a bargain since I love a good sale.!.!

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Rush Blogger Meet

I was lucky enough to attend the Rush Blogger Meet organised by Laura Craik (@Lauzzenger) and Becky (@Rderbyshire93) and boy was it one hell of a fun event!
First of all I have to thank Olivia of Beauty from the Fjord as thanks to her I found out about this lovely meet.

The location was in Piccadilly Circus at the House of Rush and oh my the venue was soooo beautiful and grand! They were also selling many products in house like Mizani, Kérastase and many other fantastic brands! You can get it online from .

I got to meet so many lovely bloggers (to name a few Olivia (@FjordBeauty), Natalie (@thefashfeed), Anna (@AnnieMACBlog) and let's be honest at first I was (to put it nicely) bricking it. I was soooo nervous as I didn't really know anyone who was going.!. But I had to face my fears and be sociable.!.!.

Sorry girls I know its not the most flattering angle! @honeypop

During the event I managed to get the Mini Oxygenator (£20 for 15 minutes) done which was sooo relaxing and convenient as you can do it over your makeup and doesn't take forever do perfect for a quick fix. The whole idea is that pure oxygen is sprayed onto your face and it hydrates and makes your skin feel much more awake and healthy. (Even though I say spray it's air not water that's being sprayed)
I believe there was also a Fabulips session going on but I didn't give that a go (which I now regret...)

The lovely Dr Gillian Carver and her lovely patient Emily (I believe)
There was also a Live Botox session going on and so I decided to go (being the curious little thing I am). I was surprised as to how quick and easy the procedure looked.
No ginormous needles, No blood, No drawing on the face. Very professional. We were told by the lovely Dr. Gillian Carver more about Botox and that the duration is usually 3-5 months, you should have  no face movement for about 4 hours and then there is a review session after 2 weeks.
"(I don't surport or reject Botox as I feel you can do whatever you want, 
and I just felt that those of you who were interested I would suggest going 
to Epsom Skin Clinics as the women whom did have Botox looked very natural)"

Got a manicure done!!
Photo Taken by the lovely (@AnnieMacBlog)

Another thing I did get done was my Nails!!! I believe I got the Rush File & Polish Manicure (worth £17).
An OPI girls dream shelf!!
Now since my nails had been so short and uneven so I was a bit embarrassed to get them done but the lady was sooo nice and just asked me to go an choose a color, now I chose "Every months an October Fest" which is ironic as it's October and is my favorite month.!.
Photo Taken by the Lovely (@AnnieMacBlog) - my new blogger bestie in-case you haven't realized.!.
The color was a perfect dark plum/red/purple with a bit of shimmer. So it suited short nails and was definitely this seasons colours.!.

And of course last but not least the goodie bag! It was jammed packet full of goodies which I am so excited to try!!
We got a Catherine Colebrook Tote Bag, a Smooch Blusher, 2 W7 Lipsticks...(but I couldn't find the other one to take a's probably in one of my bags). Some Magic Soap,a South Beach Discount Code and a sample of Structure Paste.!.

Thank you so much for organising such a fantastic event and permitting me to meet so many lovely bloggers!

L.F.A. Xx

P.S. If you guys want to have any treatments done at The House of Rush you can quote BLOG20 for 20% off any Beauty Treatments and MICRO50 for 50% off Microderm Treatments.!.
But this expires on the 31st of October!

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Lush Mini Haul.!.!

Yes I've popped into Lush again. I'm in love with their bath bombs!! I got only two this time; one for myself and one to gift to a lovely friend of mine!
Picture taken from ages ago.!....that's why the lighting is sooo different to the other pictures.
First I got the Sex Bomb Bath Bomb for £3.25 which as I've already told you before smells divine and looks absolutely adorable with its embedded rose. (I plan on gifting this one as it matches the theme I'm going for with my friends present! :)
Please excuse the terrible lighting!
And to treat myself I picked up the Blackberry Bath Bomb for £2.95 which like the Sex Bomb Bath Bomb is huge! And also smells really nice. It's a very subtle scent not too in your face, so great for those of you who are not a great fan of overpowering scents.

When I have my relaxing bath I shall post a full review on the Blueberry Bath Bomb.!.

L.F.A. Xx

Thursday, 19 September 2013

& Other Stories - Shinjuku Bloom Body Scrub

As you may have seen from my & Other Stories Haul I ended up buying the Shinjuku Blossom Scrub. I will admit I was soooo tempted to buy another Equatorial Dreams since I loved it so much but I thought I'd just try something new.

This just smells gorgeous! It has a lovely sweet floral scent that isn't sickly at all (and believe me I can get sick of scents very quickly) but this is fantastic. It's description is "Scattered Cherry Blossom petals after the rain...". I don't know about that but I know its good nonetheless.!.!.!
As you can see the colour is a lovely pink and the consistency is phenomenal. It is sooooo thick and believe this will last you ages as you really don't need much at all. Plus it lathers up too once you scrub it in with a bit of water.!.!.

You can get this for £7 for 250ml. (Which I think is completely worth it due to its consistency)
So have you guys gotten anything from & Other Stories lately?

P.S. I was told by the lovely sales lady that if you bring any previously finished scrub containers back you can get a 10% discount on your next bath product purchase.

L.F.A. Xx

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Headmasters Event (Company Beauty Week)

Luckily with Company Summer from Beauty on a Budget and I managed to get tickets to the Hairdressing and Styling event with Headmasters where we were given a luxury treatment of a Blow-dry and Styling.!.! Plus we had an assortment of snacks which included Macaroons, Coconut & Chocolate Cakes and of course Champagne.!.!.!.
'Bergdorf Bounce is the blow-dry I chose which happens to be the one on the book cover! 

When we arrived we were taken downstairs where the lovely stylists were waiting for us to arrive. And we were offered refreshments and a browse through their Blow Dry Style Book for inspiration. I decided on their most popular blow dry called 'Bergdorf Bounce' while Summer got the 'Mayfair Grunge'.

Personally I was a bit worried as I have curly hair and I quite literally run from hairdryers.!.! Luckily the lovely lady who did my hair called Jodie had naturally curly hair too.!.!.! So I knew I was in safe hands.

The treatment included a wash and head massage which was oh so divine.!. I literally almost fell asleep! It was sooo relaxing.!.! And the Shampoo and Conditioner she used smelt sooo good.!.!.
This is mine and Summer's hair after it was freshly done.!
I was then taken to the styling chair and away she went working wonders! I chose to go for one of their most popular blow drys as it still had some of the volume, curl and side parting that I'm used to.!.!.!.

This is my hair late at night as afterwards Summer and I went shopping and for dinner so it lasted so well.!.
I'm serious she was a miracle worker. She managed to recreate the look onto my hair and even managed to control those little baby hairs!

No but that's not all.!. We were also given two amazing goodie bags (OMG they were sooo heavy) from both Company and Headmasters themselves.!.
In the Company Bag (which I must say looked soo cool.!.) We were given the book About a Girl by Lindsey Kelk which I shall be taking on holiday, Batiste Dry Shampoo, Little White Lie - Tanning Mouse, Rituals - Ginko's Secret Hand Balm, a Paul Mitchell - Curls Gel Cream and a Vogetti Wide-Tooth Comb which I am very appreciative of considering I have naturally curly hair. I also got a sachet of Malibu Swimmers Hair Treatment, a sample of BlanX Toothpaste which I'll probably take on holiday with me too. A L'Oreal Lipstick, Nails Inc Nail Polish and last but not least and organic Hampstead Lemon Green Tea.!.!.
And from Headmasters we got a voucher to pop in to have A Cut and Blow Dry plus these five amazing products: their Hairspray, Dry Shampoo, Heat Defence Spray & Serum and Blow Dry Cream.

I'd like to say a big Thank you to Company & Headmasters for creating a fabulous ending to a wonderful week.! Xx

P.S. Sorry for all they Hair pictures.....I may or may not have been obsessed with how my hair looked.!. hehe

L.F.A. Xx

Friday, 13 September 2013

Origins GinZing Event (Company Beauty Week)

Doesn't the venue just look amazing? and the view.!.!.
I was lucky enough to attend The Origins GinZing Event being held at OXO Tower in Southwark and my what a venue it was, it was gorgeous, especially as we had the view of the River Thames and other London Touristic Sites like St.Pauls Cathedral.!.!.

Upon entry we were given a glass of complimentary champagne and during the event canapés were being offered too.!.!. We were then attended by a lovely Origins Lady who talked to us about their new range, (Which I must add smelt amazing and the texture of their GinZing Moisturizer is phenomenal.!.!.!)

Sorry anyone who I accidentally caught in the photo.!.!
It was sooo relaxing as we weren't pushed into purchasing the products, it was just like a meet & greet.!. There were make-up & skin care stands plus there were facials being done but I kinda sorta forgot to take pictures....(Sorry.!.!.)
I'm sorry for the dark image but we left really late and I ended up going in through a different entrance..hehehe.
There was also a photobooth which I and Summer took full advantage of.!. and at the end of the lovely event we were presented with a goodie bag.!. (But i'll save you the trouble of seeing my terrible duck face.!.!)
This goodie bag was filled with lovely little goodies.!. Not only did we get a copy of Company Magazine but we also got a sample of DKNY - Be Delicious Perfume, which I know I'll be saving for my holiday, a sample of Bumble & Bumble - Gentle Shampoo & Conditoner which I'm looking forward to trying out. We also got 2 Origins samples.!.
The Origins - Modern Friction and High-Potency Night-A-Min.!.!
I just want to thank everyone who organized or helped out at the event.! Gosh it was so much fun and was just lovely to have an excuse to visit the touristic sites of London at night :) But in all honesty Thank you.!.

P.S. If you've tried any of these let me know your thoughts? or if you have tried other products that may be just as good let me know!

L.F.A. Xx

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Maybelline Baby Lip Balm

Maybelline Baby Lips. Probably one of the most talked about lip balms in the beauty world.

Now originally I had no intention of getting any of them as to be perfectly honest I'm not one to jump on the band-wagon. And...I'm gonna be honest...I didn't use much lip balms or cared for them before...

I know, I know (O.o) very bad.!! BUT when I heard there was a Mint one I just had to get one (I love my Body Shop Mint Gloss so I was wondering if this one was just as good) and then my friend convinced me to get 3! (Plus it was 3 for 2 at would've been a waste if I didn't right...?)

Mint Fresh
Okay. As you may know I am obsessed and love Mint products.! So I was really excited about trying this one. Especially as this was the only reason I got any of them.

It's really nourishing.!. It leaves my lips feeling fresh and once it soaks into my skin it leaves my lips feeling sooo soft.!. 
As it is clear I tend to use this as preparation for lipstick and as a overnight treatment for my lips. The packet does say "8 Hour Moisture" and I guess its true as I've tested it for overnight.!.!.

My lips are naturally peachy pink, but can you see the shine!!!
The only downside for me is that I could hardly smell I dunno maybe it's just me but the scent is very faint. (Good if your not a fan of strongly scented products.!)

Cherry Me 
You may or may not know this about me but I am a big Berry fan...with the exception of Cherries. I normally can't stand any product with the scent as it tends to be overpowering BUT this one is THE BEST.!!.!.!.!

I actually love the smell of this.! It's not overbearing or in your face. It's sweet and just smells yummy.!.!. Plus the colour is very natural and will suit pretty much every skin tone.
Pink Punch

Last but definitely not least. This cute Pink really does smell divine.!.!. Also very subtle and not in your face.!.!. But it's a scent I can't really grapefruit or a sweet I used to eat as a kid but I just can't put my finger on it.
The colour is almost like a Barbie Pink with a blue/purpleish undertone. I'm not entirely sure if I like it, I think its best to wear on daring days. I was surprised it even came out with some colour as I was honestly expecting it to be slightly clear...

Overall I do think I would repurchase them as they are cheap as they are £2.99 each, pigmented, have a some SPF protection and the scents are not overbearing.

Have you guys got these? And have you managed to figure out what Pink Punch smells like?

L.F.A. Xx