Thursday, 18 July 2013

Shirt & Red Jean (Casual Outfit)

Scared you might look a bit too flashy with Red Jeans? Well fear not.!. 
Here's a casual way you can style it.!.

I know what your thinking..."its a really bright colour and my thunder thighs will quite literally stick out like a sore thumb" Don't worry.!. Red (in my experience Red suits almost everybody and anybody.

Light Blue Denim Shirt:
is sooo lightweight so its perfect for those summer days that aren't too hot.!. And as its so light it'll help tone down the red. I got this from GAP on sale reduced from £29.95 to £14.99.!. To me this is a bargain considering the quality and durability of most GAP clothing that I've previously owned.!.

Red Jeans:
These are from H&M they weren't on sale but I bought these a while ago so you might be lucky and find them later on. But anyway I got these for £14.99 and these are skinny jeans style so they'll fit to your body nicely.

So why not try wearing a dash of colour this summer?

P.S. I would recommend you wear a neutral colour shoe like white, black, or blue so there's not too much going on.!.

L.F.A. Xx

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