Saturday, 20 July 2013

MUA Coloured Mascara (Shade 3, 6 & 7)

I am a girl who loves a bit of colour so when MUA came out with these colourful  Mascara I just had to get them!!

Now my friends must have been sick and tired of hearing me ask if they could check in their local Superdrug Store (even my bestie who was in holiday in Scotland.!.!) ...but nope! Nada. Until I took advantage of Superdrug's free delivery.!!!. And ordered it online!
These 3 Shades were only a £1 each so I wasn't expecting miracles.!. 

This is my absolute FAVOURITE one that I bought.!.! 
It's Shade 6 - Electric Blue this colour was probably the most wearable of the 3 and is fantastic! It covered the majority if my dark eyelashes  and I really think i'll be using this a lot.!.!

Next is Shade 3 (slightly Turquoise) is a beautiful colour.! This came in second for me! As it applied well, is true to colour, and its not as wearable as Shade 6 but it's still good.!.!

And finally I was soooo excited about this Shade 7 - Hot Pink Mascara but I was so distraught to see that it just....didn't work for me.!.!
It barely covered my eyelashes (I had to re-apply it 4-5x) I must regrettably say that this was my least favourite and will probably only use this for costume parties (if I use it at all).

Overall it seems blue complements my brown eyes better.!? Maybe the pink will suit non-brown coloured eyes??
Other than that I definitely think its worth getting these of your just starting to experiment with coloured Mascaras as its only a £1.!

Will you or have you tried these out??

L.F.A. Xx

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