Tuesday, 24 June 2014

World Cup Nails - Team Colombia

As a Colombian (that's in South America in case any of you don't know where it it. No I'm not demeaning your intellect but I've been asked way to many tomes where it is.) I'm incredibly proud by how far we've gotten especially as Radamel Falcao our key star player was left out of the World Cup! Bit thankfully we pulled through and have presented some amazing goals!

Anyway as an homage to my glorious birth country I have designed these nails in case any of you are Team Colombia!! These are relatively easy so any of you guys could try these too!
The nail polishes I used were the Masglo - Amarillo (from Colombia!), 17 (SEVENTEEN) - Midnight Sapphire and Knockout Red, Essence Black is Back and Boots White, and y nail brush from eBay.

So again like last time here are some tips and tricks so that your can achieve the same look!
  • This nail design took me about 10-15 minutes so not particularly long but you will need to have PATIENCE and be CALM.
  • Make sure each coat is completely dry so that no bleeding or changing colour occurs.
  • MIDDLE FINGER- I shortened Colombia to COL as my nail isn't long enough!
  • INÐEX FINGER - (Bullet Point 4 for extra detail.) 
  • THUMB - If you look up "Colombia Coat of Arms" for a clearer view of what your drawing but your basically drawing to wings with the Colombian flag with the yellow outwards. And then finish off with a thin black line on the inside and on the put of the yellow.

I hope you guys try this nail design! Remember send me or tag me on Instagram or Twitter @lovefromangelic with your Team Colombia Nail Designs or any other team as I love nail art!

L.F.A. Xx

Friday, 20 June 2014

World Cup Nails - Team England

To say I'm devastated that England didn't make it through is an understatement, but there is still one game left and hopefully England will go out with a Bang! And you can try and sport these nails for the match.

These are relatively easy apart from the Index Finger and the Thumb. The thumb in particular sports on the iconic Lions on the England shirt but is incredibly difficult to do and requires a lot of patience and adjustment depending on the size of your nail.
Again like the last nail design I drew the instructional plans afterwards as its trial and error when I do it as I'm not always sure whether I'll be happy with the end result.

The colours I used for these designs were the: MaxFactor Glossfinity - Colbat Blue, 17 (SEVENTEEN) - Midnight Sapphire and Knockout Red, Essence- Black is Back, and Boots - White. And the nail brush is from my eBay haul but the paint rubbed off. However I will explain all that in a different post.

So now to create these nails follow these instructions:
As you can see the lion has changed many shapes numerous times hehehe sorry I can't always make it identical!

 Here are a couple of tips to help you, and I will do numerical instructions for the thumb so that you may fully get the help you need!
  • Make sure you are CALM and have PATIENCE as this should take you about 25-30 minutes to do this (of course it can be quicker or slower depending on you)
  • INDEX FINGER (See 3rd Bullet Point -->here<--)
Now for the Thumb:
  1. Paint your white base coat and make sure it completely dries.
  2. With either your Nail Art Brush or (my 17 - Midnight Sapphire nail polish already comes with an nail art thin brush) draw the lions arm, main body and tail. Its easier if you keep it all in one line and make sure you make the underbelly closer to the arm than the tail. And Fill in.
  3. Draw in both of the legs and fill in.
  4. Add in a couple of lines for fur on the arm, claws on the leg, and a couple of spikes on the heel of the backlog and on the tail.
  5. Pick up excess nail polish let it drip to the bottom of the brush to form a small circle and place it above of the arm. 
  6. While wet drag the brush from the centre to the outside to form the lions mane. And on the arm draw tiny semi circles for emphasis on the main.
  7. Now with a nail art brush or white add eyes, nose and mouth. And with a red draw a small diagonal above the main body.
  8. Add a dot to the centre of the diamond. Wait until everything is dry and top of with a top coat!

I really recommend you look up and refer back to picture so you can see why you need all those little touches, and so you get a better picture, of how it should look.

So let me know if you guys try it! Tag me or send me photos of your own Team England Nails to @lovefromangelic on both twitter and Instagram! And send me some suggestions for other team nails!

L.F.A. Xx

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

World Cup Nails - Team Brazil

Please Excuse the messy nails and bad quality photo!
 The World Cup isn't just for the Lads! Us girls can also love it (probably the only time I fully commit to watching football) and of course we can support all the while having a good manicure!
So if your Team Brazil why not try these beautiful nails! Now these do require some patience and a level of "nail art talent?" But there is a design for every level of artistry! So mix and match or try one of these out!
As you can see I chose an array of nail polishes and brushes to complete this design. They are: Nails Inc. - Queen Victoria Street, Essence - Black is Back, 17 (SEVENTEEN) - Midnight Sapphire and Mini Skirt, and last but not least a Latin American Brand (Aunt brought me them from Colombia) Masglo - Amarillo (Yellow). And the brushes I got from eBay!

Now as you can see I have drawn a step by step guide to how you can do these yourselves. So girls why not follow these instruction:

Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of me doing them at the same time because quite frankly I wasn't sure how they were going to turn out and waste planning on doing a post but since they came out nicely I changed my mind so you guys could do it too! here are some tips so you can achieve this:

  • This will take time so have PATIENCE, be CALM and you will see that your hand becomes steadier.
  • Okay when you are going to do the circle for the Brazilian flag you can use a nail dotter if you have one (it would be easier but I don't have one) or don't clean your brush around the edges and you will see that the excess nail polish will begin to drip down to the end of a brush forming a ball like shape so all you need to do is place it on the centre of the 'Yellow Diamond'
  • You can leave the 'Brasil' on its own but I decided to just add a couple of leaves as rainforest inspiration.
  • Lastly for the football do a 'Pentagon Shape' and for each corner draw another pentagon with a little space between.

Guys if you try any of these please send me a photo! Tag me on Instagram or on Twitter with @lovefromangelic as I really want to see you guys try these!!
If you have any questions ask away and I will bet back to you asap!

 L.F.A. Xx

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Essence Blogger Event

Last weekend I was lucky enough to attend the Blogger Event for Essence's UK Launch. Initially I hadn't heard of this brand till last October when Summer asked me to look for them whilst on holiday in Europe as they're Europe's #1 Brand....unfortunately I didn't, but I had the opportunity to see their range in this event!

The event was held in the most amazingly beautiful venue in Ladbroke Grove and we were welcomed in and presented with a lovely set up of tables with products ranging from Face, Eyes, Nails and More, which we could tryout and investigate. We were also given lovely drinks and food/lunch was also available! plus a lovely lounge where they even had phone chargers for us to use!!

When everyone arrived we were then given a presentation where they explained that all of their money goes into product development and that the reason why they are so cheap is because they don't focus or overcharge for packaging which is lovely! 
Also we were told that they follow the strict GMP (Goods Manufacturing Practice), that they have a Negative List of Products that they don't use either because they're harmful or unnecessary, and most important aspect is that they do NO ANIMAL TESTING!

There was also an area where we could go and take photographs with perfect lighting and of course there was an example of the stands they would be having at wilkinson stores and were told to help ourselves.

I, of course am an Nail Art, Nail Care..basically all Nails fanatic do when I met Laure the product developer for all/most of their nail products and when she told me about one of the products she developed the At Home Gell Nail Kit, she proceeded to show us how it worked! I will do a post on this separately as it is quite frankly amazing! There was a nail artist there but I got so caught up in the fun of doing my own that....I didn't get a chance to get them done T.T

Of course afterwards I looked over to other sections and also spoke to the eye product developer called Patricia (I believe) absolutely lovely and explained and showed us some of her "babies" and told us which products were the most popular in Germany and Europe, and explained a very interesting looking mascara, so expect a future post!

I also got my makeup done by the fabulous Nadira V Persaud, who told me off as I always touch my face (unnecessarily) which of course is not helping with my acne! And she did an amazing job as she covered all of my acne scars!!! and used coloured mascara  on my bottom lashes for an extra summer pop! Very wearable. I have no eyeshadow or brow product on. So very summer!

We were then wished away to Westfield White City (the one in west london) to see their cute little store! It's in the centre of the shopping centre so easily accessible for all you makeup fans! And it is currently open for you all to go and have a snoop around, although it will be more accessible to get as in July it will be available in Wilkinson!

And of course we got a fantastic packed goody bag that was filled with so many of their lovely products that I can't wait to play around with some of them!
One thing I absolutely love about this whole event was how nice, welcoming and proud they were of their products! They explained everything in detail and were super friendly and usually at the events I've been to it has been very serious almost awkward whereas this atmosphere was just so relaxing.

Honestly it's one of the best events that I've ever been to! And if you have the chance to get to or go to the Manchester Blogger Event on the 22nd June!

P.S. Please excuse my low quality photos!! I forgot my camera! T.T

L.F.A. Xx