Saturday, 26 April 2014

Superdrug - John Frieda Haul

I'm already using the serum and I kinda through out its box...hehhheh
 You guys know I am obsessed with a good sale, and as it's Superdrug's 50th Birthday there are loads of sales and offers going on. I could not tear myself away from the John Frieda Hair Care Section.
Almost every single John Frieda product is 50% off which is amazing considering it's quite pricey. 

All I need now is the Full Repair Range! Anyone going to buy me it?
I got the Brilliant Brunette Multi Tone Moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner 250ml for £2.79 each, down from £5.59 each. The Frizz Ease Dream Curls Shampoo and Conditioner 250ml for £2.79, down from £5.59 each and the Brilliant Brunette Liquid Shine Illuminating Shampoo and Conditioner 250ml for £2.99 each, down from £5.99 each!!
This is a older picture (got these before I hot the rest hence the missing Styling Spray!
I also got a box of the Full Repair Heat Activated Style 100ml for £2.99, down from £5.99, two boxes of Frizz Ease Hair Serum Original Formula 50ml for £3.14 down from £6.29, and lastly the John Frieda Secret Agent Flawless Finishing Crème 100ml for £2.79, down from £5.59!!

That is all! I'm really looking forward to trying these out and seeing the results!!
So have you guys gotten or tried any of these products?

P.S. The Dream Curls Shampoo and Conditioner's Packaging is very different to the one online. (I think this one is the newer packaging)

L.F.A. Xx

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Batiste Dry Shampoo - Paisley

Over the past couple years Dry Shampoo has sky rocketed in popularity, they come in all differrent price ranges, colours, scents, sizes, etc. to cater for every individual, so of course having never tried a Dry Shampoo before I thought I'd make the most of the Batiste Dry Shampoo - Paisley 200ml that I got in my Company Beauty Week Goodie Bag.

I normally never have to worry about greasy hair as I have quite dehydrated dry curly hair so I can get away with not washing it for a while, however every couple of times a year I decide to straighten it. (I know shocking.!.!. But I love my hair and I don't really want to fry and damage it more than it already is)
Anyway when I do straighten it, I tend to leave it for as long as I can before I have to wash it again, so I thought why not try dry shampoo so that I don't look like I just combed my hair with hot wings.

Please excuse the grainy photo!

Firstly I must commend it on its gorgeous smell. It's a lovely sweet floral scent, which I really like and is absolutely gorgeous. Also the designs on the bottles are just so pretty to have on your dressing table (or wherever) Luckily the instruction are pretty clear on the bottle (with images) so even a wally like me can understand. Application was fine, I massaged it in, combed it through and it didn't leave any white residue but I still felt really odd.

To be honest I don't think I'm ever going to really be a Dry Shampoo Girl because I just felt weird.  I didn't feel that fresh feeling in my hair. And honestly I felt as though it sucked the life out of my hair. My hair looked matt/dull and that's a look you never really want to go for. I didn't think it created volume in my hair, not that it would've mattered if it did.
I tired it on mum mom who has straight hair and it looked fine and she really loved it so I'm certain she will use this to its full potential.

I'm sure that for many of you, this is like a sacred holy grail product that's fallen from the heavens but it just wasn't for me.

Don't knock it till you've tried it! You can get smaller cans to test if you really like it prices range from size at:
Superdrug: Batiste £1.50 - £4.99
Boots:  Batiste (no mini size) £2.99 - £4.99

L.F.A. Xx

Monday, 21 April 2014

Revlon Fast Dry - 710 Cloudy

This is cute little polish reminds me of the Stereotypical British weather. Cloudy.

This nail polish was initially bought by my best friend from Fragrance Direct...but as she already had bought this previously it was passed down to me.!.!

This is a lovely cute Lillac/Grey-Blueish colour (I suck at descriptions)
And your going to need at least 2 coats for full colour.!  Also it's fast drying.!.!

So would you wear this colour?

L.F.A. Xx

Revlon Fast Dry- 730 Royal

Another Nail Polish that reminds me of Britain! The ROYAL family.
You can find this for as little as £1 on Fragrance Direct but I initially got this at the hospital where they were selling Nail Polishes to raise money.!
This is an awesome blue.! I had been looking for a navy/royal blue for a while but couldn't find one till this one.!
You will absolutely need to do 2-3 coats as it may be streaky.! And you MUST wear a base coat as it does stain.!
It also smells awful....but that's the price you pay if you want royal blue nails.

Are there any other nice blue nail polishes?

L.F.A. Xx

Zara Sale - Racer Back Dress

Okay, ZARA is one of my favourite shops as I think the quality of their items is just...phenomenal! 
Although their price tag may not be for everyone...but at least in the SALE you may be able to find something! Anyway here I found the most beautiful and unique Royal Blue Dress! From £49.99 down to £29.99.!.!.!

This dress is super thick, therefore it'll be a while till I wear this in.!. Plus it has an unusual print making it completely unique.!. And has pockets so perfect for those non-bag days.!.!

The Neckline appears to be a halter neck with a plunging neckline so it accentuates your shoulders and busts...but in a classy way.!.!.
Please excuse the terrible tan line!

Also because of the Racer Back I feel as though my shoulders and back just look....good? (Either way I love tops that are racer back especially for the hot summer says!)

The dress is a zip-up dress with a flap closed by press studs so as to hide it! Also the waist line has a string and is gathered/elasticated so it shows off your figure.!
Ideally this dress is great for if your heading to a Pool Party or Beach Party as you can easily take off or unzip (up or down) to show of your Bikini/Swimsuit.!.!
L.F.A. Xx

Half Polka Dot Nails

These Half Polka Dot nails look absolutely beautiful! It's just such a simplistic design but it can look so lovely. And I am not a fan of Polka Dots but this is actually really cute. It's also very versatile as you can use it with any color.! So there's one for everyone!

What you'll need is a toothpick (or a dotting tool if you have one. And two colors of your choice (preferably one dark one and a light one of the same color)

1. Paint your entire nail your choice of base color
2. Let that completely dry.!.!.

3. • Now with your choice of nail polish for the polka dots you can (like I did) add a dollop of it onto your hand or a piece of card?
    • Or you could use it straight from the brush but I feel like that may dry out my nail polishes....
4. And then with a toothpick (or dotting tool add it into the nail varnish and start adding the dots.

5. The size, distance between each one and height depends on your nail size and personal preference.
So have fun with it, try different colours and sizes and show me some of your attempts of these nails.!

L.F.A. Xx

GAP Sale - Polka Dot Jeans

As you guys may have realized I made the most of the summer sales.!. So of course I made sure I popped into GAP to see if anything caught my eye. And that was when I came across these gorgeous jeans.!.

These are the 1969 Polka Dot Legging Skimmer Jeans that are stretchy so its super comfortable and as its ankle length its perfect for the summer! (if your a little shorter these will be the perfect length for you, but I don't mind the length.)
I managed to get these in store from £39.95 down to £9.99.!.!.!.

Despite the fact that it is a Polka Dot Pattern I actually like it as its not very obvious due to the colors being  very similar! Plus the color's super cute!

So did you guys get anything in the SALE?

L.F.A. Xx

Poundland Haul (Nail Stickers & Charms)

Since the last time I popped into Poundland I found such amazingly cheap nail products I thought I'd go back and see what else I could find.! All for £1 each.!.!.

These stickers are of Dragon Flies, Stars and Flowers both in Silver and Black with little rhinestones. All very cute.!.!.

These Floral Nail Stickers are a little larger. I presume for when your nails are significantly longer or I guess for a strong bold nail? They come in predominantly black with some pink, purple and white petals. Very cute but bold.

And finally these 3D Floral Nail Charms with a rhinestone at the center. I am super excites about these two.!.! Especially considering how much I loved the last Aurora Nail Bow Nail Charms.

So have you tried any of these yet?

L.F.A. Xx

Sunday, 20 April 2014

L'Oreal Paris Le Blush - Sandalwood Pink

If your looking for a universal blush this color may be for you.!.!.
I initially got this during Christmas time.. I know I know. It's very late but this is still available so you don't need to nag me. hehehehe.!.!

Here I have swatched the Blusher using the brush it came with (yes its rubbish but meh..) L'Oreal recommend it for those who are of a lighter skin tone however if you want a very natural and subtle blush this could also work for medium skin tones.

I also love how practical the packaging is, because its small, compact and has a mirror.!.! YAY! This is perfect for me as yes. I will admit. I am one of those girls who's doing their last minute Make-up and Nails on the train if I'm running extremely late. (Don't judge me.!. I know you've done it at least once.!.!.)

You can get this from Superdrugs or Boots for £7.69
L.F.A. Xx

Friday, 18 April 2014

KIKO Makeup Milano Haul

KIKO Cosmetics has been a relatively new addition to London high streets as I have only seen two stores so far. (One in Stratford Westfield and on Oxford/Regent Street) Both of which opened last year, so since I needed a couple things I thought I'd pop in and have a browse (plus the SALE signs were also a pretty good incentive) I got all these in separate occasions so excuse the difference in lighting.

I did end up leaving with a couple of things. The only item I got from the SALE was the 30 Days Extension - Daily Treatment Mascara for £3.90 down from £7.99.Which I think is very cheap considering its a treatment and most normal mascaras are more expensive.
Sticking to the treatment theme I bought the Ultra Long - Post Stress Treatment Basecoat 11ml for £4.90 as my nails are unsettlingly short and I needed a base coat so with this I'd kill two birds with one stone!

I also got the Quick Dry Nail Lacquer 10ml in the colour Transparent, as Top Coat as I plan to make plenty of nail art designs this summer. I got this for £4.90. Though it may be more worthwhile to get the Gel Look - Ultra Glossy Effect Top Coat for that price.

Do you remember that last summer I w's looking for a dupe of a particular eyeshade from an ELF Pallets. Well I think I found it and it is the Infinity Eyeshadow - 210 Satin Brick  for £5.90. I know some of you may think that is a bit expensive for an eyeshade that doesn't even come in a compartment, but to be honest I really didn't care as I have been dying to buy this colour.

Last but no least I got the Velvet Mat - Satin Lipstick in 609 (called Cherry Red online) although it isn't really very red, more purple-ish. I got it for £6.90 which is amazingly cheap for its awesome packaging and colour. (you'll see more in future posts.)

So have you gotten anything from KIKO lately? And doesn't their packaging remind you of MACs?

L.F.A. Xx

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Primark Haul!

A while back during the crazy sales I popped into Primark as I needed to buy a couple of essentials but like any other time I go shopping I end up getting carried away and getting more than I need! Heheheee.

First of all I got on sale these 2 Basic Long Sleeve Crop Tops for £1 each down from £3 and a Disney Mickey Mouse Crop Top/Sweater for £3 down from £6, which honestly is a total bargain as it's feels like really good quality and because it has rhinestones.

I also got these 3 Cami Style Tops, 2 with sheer velvet floral and bird design and 1 with studs. Each on sale for £3 down from £5. These are going to be a great way to spice up an outfit in the summer.

I also got The Beatles Abbey Road T-Shirt for £3 on sale down from £8. This is unbelievably cheap considering the feel of this fabric is amazing and the roll up short sleeves are very cute.

This Pyjama Set was for £3; The vest top being only £1 down from £3 and the very cute red shorts for £2 down from £4. To be honest I only really got it because the writing on the top made me giggle.

I also cute 3 very festive intimates for 50p!! Now some of you may cringe at the thought of wearing Primark intimates. What I would say is it's fine to buy knickers from there but I personally would never get a bra from there as I believe you should invest in a good quality bra as it needs to support you.

These were not on sale but were the main reason I actually went to Primark. I got 7 pairs Shoe Liners for £2.50 in lovely pastel colours, 5 Matt 10 Denier Tights £2.50 and 3 pairs 40 Denier Tights for £3.

And these much needed Suede Ankle Boot Slippers for £3 down from £5. (Note: People these are slippers! It does you no good using these as everyday outdoor footwear...)

I also got these Green Cameo Nail Wraps on sale for 25p down from £1 and 3 Pack Necklaces for £1 down from £2. My favourite is the Aztec Bird Symbol (Aztec or Mayan I'm not entirely sure).

Last but not least I got a 3 Face Cloth Pack for £1.50. I love this colour as it's pretty much a baby blue! Not sure about the "Luxury"ness in this but it was the only one with a nice colour.

P.S What have you gotten from Primary recently?

L.F.A. Xx

Monday, 14 April 2014

Mini Boots Haul.!.!

Now first of all I must I admit I have possibly been the worst blogger in the world but I've been busy & kind of having a writers block, and I didn't want to just write up anything that I wouldn't be proud off? Anyway from now on I shall be better.! Promise.!

Recently Boots had some lovely offers going on and I just couldn't stop myself, and decided to get myself some much needed skincare products. I know your wondering why on earth I bought 3 products for different skin types but don't worry I have my reasons.!
I think they may have changed their packaging since...?
First I got this Garnier - Pure Active - Anti Black Head Pore Wash 150ml, which was on offer from £2.65 down to £1.77 which I thought was pretty cheap. I am a big fan of exfoliation so when I saw that this has teeny-tiny beads in the formula I knew I should try it. Especially as I have tried other Garnier products before that were pretty good.!.
Secondly I purchased the L'Oréal Paris - Triple Active Day Moisturiser, for Normal to Combination Skin, on offer from £6.49 down to £4.33.!.! Total Bargain considering it Vitamin E in it.!. and don't worry a full post should be coming soon.!.

and Lastly I purchased another L'Oréal Paris - Triple Active Day Moisturiser, but this time instead the one that is catered for Dry to Sensitive Skin, also on offer from £6.49 down to £4.33. The reason for which I got this is to basically stock up for the winter; as it gets colder my skin becomes dryer and much more sensitive (in other words my skin is as complicated as its owner :) so I thought I might as well buy it since its cheap.

So have you guys tried these products?
Or what skincare products have you guys gotten or been loving recently?

L.F.A. Xx

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Lush - Blackberry Bath Bomb

Now we all know that Lush never go wrong with their Bath Bombs and my gosh did the Blackberry Bath Bomb surprise me.
I wasn't really expecting much considering how plain looking it was. Though I do quite like how the word BOMB  is embedded into it as it reminds me of those cartoon bombs... (even if it isn't in the same colour..)

Please excuse my bare and boring nail!... but doesn't this remind you of a meteorite? Hehehehe

I must point out the utter value of it. It is huge! It's the same size as the Sex Bomb Bath Bomb and it's only £2.95.!.!. This is very cheap considering it contains "Frankincense Oil "and "Bergamot Oil" and its "Preservative Free" (according to Lush's website)

Also as soon as you place it in the bath it fizzes away brilliantly leaving this lovely purple bath water, which smells divine.!. And it doesn't leave any residue behind and did not stain my bath which is always lovely.

There was also a lovely little surprise inside the bath bomb which I had no idea about.! It had this cute little note that said Boom Boom, which just made me giggle.
(Being me at first I thought it was those transfer kiddie tattoos.....but it wasn't hehehehhe)

Overall this is very good value for money, and I definitely need to try other bath bombs, especially as they have seasonal ones out now.!.

Victoria Secret & PINK Sale Haul

So I have never ever bought anything from Victoria Secret which is surprising since I only live 20 minutes away and their products are so raved about, but whilst shopping a whole back I stumbled up it to find, not only huge hoard of women scrambling through the store with heaps of stuff but the sale signs! Which if you know me well enough I can’t really say no to a bargain.

So after braving the crowd of crazy women I managed to get myself a couple of amazing bargains.!.!.
Although it looks Gold its actually in Silver.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                I got this geometric bralette from PINK (the sister store of Victoria Secret) I absolutely love the print even if it does say “TOTALLY” (Hopefully after  couple of washes it’ll fade leaving the print behind) and it fits really well. I managed to get this for £8.50 on sale from £17.50

Back View

These are probably one of the most raved about products in Victoria Secret other than their lingerie. Their fragrance mist/sprays, and only until now I could understand why. They truly smell amazing and there is a humongous collection for you to choose from.
Please excuse its fuzziness!

They are usually from £11 - £13 but on the sale I got them from £2.50 - £3.00 now that is amazing. I got 4 different scents, Frosted Pear & Sugared Woods, Pink Champagne & Apple, Iced Cranberry & Winter Plum and Forbidden Vanilla. People were going mad. To be frank I was too because as we’ve established I kinda can’t say no to a good sale. Especially as I got these four for the price of what one would usually cost.!.

I am really looking forward to using these and as I do, I will individually review each of them!

So have you gotten anything from Victoria Secret?
L.F.A. Xx