Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Primark Haul!

A while back during the crazy sales I popped into Primark as I needed to buy a couple of essentials but like any other time I go shopping I end up getting carried away and getting more than I need! Heheheee.

First of all I got on sale these 2 Basic Long Sleeve Crop Tops for £1 each down from £3 and a Disney Mickey Mouse Crop Top/Sweater for £3 down from £6, which honestly is a total bargain as it's feels like really good quality and because it has rhinestones.

I also got these 3 Cami Style Tops, 2 with sheer velvet floral and bird design and 1 with studs. Each on sale for £3 down from £5. These are going to be a great way to spice up an outfit in the summer.

I also got The Beatles Abbey Road T-Shirt for £3 on sale down from £8. This is unbelievably cheap considering the feel of this fabric is amazing and the roll up short sleeves are very cute.

This Pyjama Set was for £3; The vest top being only £1 down from £3 and the very cute red shorts for £2 down from £4. To be honest I only really got it because the writing on the top made me giggle.

I also cute 3 very festive intimates for 50p!! Now some of you may cringe at the thought of wearing Primark intimates. What I would say is it's fine to buy knickers from there but I personally would never get a bra from there as I believe you should invest in a good quality bra as it needs to support you.

These were not on sale but were the main reason I actually went to Primark. I got 7 pairs Shoe Liners for £2.50 in lovely pastel colours, 5 Matt 10 Denier Tights £2.50 and 3 pairs 40 Denier Tights for £3.

And these much needed Suede Ankle Boot Slippers for £3 down from £5. (Note: People these are slippers! It does you no good using these as everyday outdoor footwear...)

I also got these Green Cameo Nail Wraps on sale for 25p down from £1 and 3 Pack Necklaces for £1 down from £2. My favourite is the Aztec Bird Symbol (Aztec or Mayan I'm not entirely sure).

Last but not least I got a 3 Face Cloth Pack for £1.50. I love this colour as it's pretty much a baby blue! Not sure about the "Luxury"ness in this but it was the only one with a nice colour.

P.S What have you gotten from Primary recently?

L.F.A. Xx


  1. I LOVE the crop sweater and the beatles top, plus primark tights and sleepwear are amazing, recently did a huge haul I am loving it all the moment, thanks for sharing and making me want to spend more hahah xxx

    1. Hahaha! Yes they are my favourite too! Ouuu i'll make sure to check yours out too! Xx