Monday, 14 April 2014

Mini Boots Haul.!.!

Now first of all I must I admit I have possibly been the worst blogger in the world but I've been busy & kind of having a writers block, and I didn't want to just write up anything that I wouldn't be proud off? Anyway from now on I shall be better.! Promise.!

Recently Boots had some lovely offers going on and I just couldn't stop myself, and decided to get myself some much needed skincare products. I know your wondering why on earth I bought 3 products for different skin types but don't worry I have my reasons.!
I think they may have changed their packaging since...?
First I got this Garnier - Pure Active - Anti Black Head Pore Wash 150ml, which was on offer from £2.65 down to £1.77 which I thought was pretty cheap. I am a big fan of exfoliation so when I saw that this has teeny-tiny beads in the formula I knew I should try it. Especially as I have tried other Garnier products before that were pretty good.!.
Secondly I purchased the L'Oréal Paris - Triple Active Day Moisturiser, for Normal to Combination Skin, on offer from £6.49 down to £4.33.!.! Total Bargain considering it Vitamin E in it.!. and don't worry a full post should be coming soon.!.

and Lastly I purchased another L'Oréal Paris - Triple Active Day Moisturiser, but this time instead the one that is catered for Dry to Sensitive Skin, also on offer from £6.49 down to £4.33. The reason for which I got this is to basically stock up for the winter; as it gets colder my skin becomes dryer and much more sensitive (in other words my skin is as complicated as its owner :) so I thought I might as well buy it since its cheap.

So have you guys tried these products?
Or what skincare products have you guys gotten or been loving recently?

L.F.A. Xx


  1. The moisturisers sound great! I bought the garnier scrub last time it was on offer & it's actually really good, very gentle!
    & don't worry about not blogging for a while! Everyone's allowed a little break xxxx

    1. They actually are really good! Im currently using the normal to combination one!
      and thank you! xx