Friday, 2 August 2013

UNIQLO Haul.!.!


Last I went to Oxford Street I managed to pick up some lovely items.! and of course I started in one of my favourite stores. UNIQLO .!.! I picked up 2 Floral Skinny Jeans and a Paisly Print Legging Trouser all for just £17.70.!.! Total Bargain Right?

I just had to buy these two Skinny Jeans on SALE from £19.90 to £4.90.!.!
That is just unbelivabely cheap, and i've gotten other jeans from UNIQLO, so I know for sure that they are durable.!These jeans are also stretchy and so they shape well to your body.! And these small Floral/Foliage Prints tend to suit everybody and are very subtle.

I also picked up these Legging Trouser on SALE from £14.90 to £7.90.!.!
These are soooo comfortable, especially as they have an elasticated waist band, which means it will fit any size and shape.

This trouser is in a Lime Green-ish colour in a Paisley Print whitch I think is great for the summer or for on holiday. Especially as these trousers are really light and thin.!.!

So have you guys bought anything from UNIQLO recently?

L.F.A. Xx

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