Saturday, 3 August 2013

Gabrini Multivitamin Nail Varnish - Green 362 & 373

I got these lovey two Gabrini Multivitamin green nail polishes from my local pharmacy for just £1 each.!

Bit sickly..but after many layers its awesomely bright!!

This is how the 362 (Bright Green) looks like. You will need 3 coats to get the full colour! Oh and I'm so sorry about my I un-even nails...(they broke.!)

And this is the 373 (Emerald Green). It's a little sparkly, and you only need 2 coats. 
Both nail polishes also dry very quickly!

Anyway these only cost me £1 each!! So total bargain! and they come in loads of other colours too.!

P.S. Don't you find elderly people sooo cute sometimes?

L.F.A. Xx


  1. Love the bright green color. Nominated you for the Liebster award, hun. Check it out :)