Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Day Trip to Bournemouth.!.!.!

I just had to write my Blog name initials!

What better way to make the most of a Bank Holiday Monday than to go to the beach?!

Okay most people in London went to Notting Hill Carnival but I've been there done that and quite frankly just wanted to chill. So of course I decided to go chill on the Sandy Beaches of Bournemouth.!.

Yes.! I made the most of the Summer Fever offer!! Nails: Revlon - Cloudy
We got the train there and OMG it's two hours away.!. Luckily we were equipped with snacks and hot chocolate & coffee.!.!.

Sorry! (for the people whose faces are seen!)
Thankfully it was a glorious sunny day and I got to bask on the sun and too up my tan.!.!. (Bless my mum she got seriously burnt and when we got home we had to use Aloe Vera Gel)
Can't believe this is England!
My goodness the distance from the station to the beach is just....forever.!.!. And the Hills.! I can't imagine walking up and down everyday.!.....though I would end up having amazing legs...anyway.
Just had to take a selfie! and OMG the water was freeezing!!! Nails: Revlon - Royal

Also the SAND.!.!.! It's a sandy beach.!.!. After having been to Barbados a couple of years back all of the beaches I had seen had been to after that had just fallen sooo short of my expectations but Bournemouth had SAND.!.!.!. 

Unfortunately I couldn't make a sandcastle but instead I attempted to make a Octopus out of the sand.!.! I think I did can be the judge of it.!.!.
So have you guys been to Bournemouth??
L.F.A. Xx


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