Sunday, 11 August 2013

Minnie Mouse Nails (Allura - Bows)

Did you guys love Minnie Mouse as a kid? Well these Bows from Allura just remind me of them sooo much!

If you have seen my Half Polka Dot Nails post you will know how managed to do the basic design. And so follow all the steps from this post --->here<--- and then...
Please excuse the messy edges!
7. Once completely dry add a dot of Top Coat or Nail Glue to where the bow will be.
8. Place the bow on the dot and hold till dry.

9. And Viola.!.! Cute nails.
You can get a set of these for £1 a pack from Poundland which comes with 10 bows (2 per colour).

P.S. Guys remember once you put them on they are very impractical and can feel heavy but aren't they just gorgeous? 

L.F.A. Xx


  1. so pretty and cute! although for me I'd just have the bow on the accent nail as it seems that it gets in the way of typing :P

    £1 Mint Nail Polish!

    Anita @ ATA|AllThingsAnita

  2. That's a good idea too! And OMG! It is! It's awfully impractical. It's probably only good for dinner parties or drinks as your just going to sit there!

  3. Oh wow! Lovely nails!

    I'd end up losing the bows if I had them on all fingers!

    Great idea though!

    Dollface xoxo

    1. Phahahhaha! Yes I had that worry too when I wore them! Luckily I was careful and they are inexpensive so it wouldn't kill me if I did.
      and awww thank you!!