Thursday, 1 August 2013

Bridal Nails (Allura - Nail Charms)

It's your special day. You have the perfect dress, styled hair... But wait...what about your nails?
Why not try adding Nail Charms to try and give a twist to the classic French Manicure? These Allura Nail Charms have a Nail Charm for anyone's preference. And the whole pack comes for as little as £1 from Poundland.!.!

I have used my two favourites which are the two bows, for this look. Now you don't have to do the same but I think it looks sooo cute.!.! Your going to also need a white and silver nail polish.!

1. Paint you nails White. (A couple of coats should do, to get that solid white colour)
2. With a Silver Nail Polish paint a line right at the end of your nail. (Almost imitating a French Manicure)
3. Let that completely dry.!.!.!.!
4. With a top coat add a dot to the area where your Charm will be.
5. Place the Charm onto the dot and hold it till dry.
6. Ta-Daa.!.!.! Unique and fabulously cute nails.!!

Due to the size of the Big Bow I decided to add it to the thumb and I used the smaller one on the Ring finger since the bow's special  it's White and Silver.!
So get creative and try these out.!!

P.S. Remember these charms will add weight to your nails and so it will be harder to do things....but I promise it's worth it.!

L.F.A. Xx

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