Saturday, 24 August 2013

Clacton-On-Sea (Mini Holiday)

Yes....I am one of those gals who go on holiday and take cheesy selfies.!.!.!

Okay I have been an awful blogger.!.! I've not posted anything recently, mainly because I was off on a little holiday with ma bestie from Summers Beauty on a Budget.!.!.

We stayed at a beach home (literally the sandy beach & sea was the back garden.!.!.!!.) down at Point Clear. I must say the peace and quite I experienced was almost scary... But very welcoming. I'm a city girl through and through, I'll always be used to hearing police sirens, cars and annoying neighbours.... So just having to hear the waves of the sea was refreshing.!.

This was literally the view from the living room (the back garden ;) doesn't it look phenomenal? The house was amazing. I totally want a beach house.!.!.

Day 1

Traveling day, which I might add is very very boring unless you have food and music.! (Don't worry I was fully prepared)
Summer was already there as she and her family had arrived the day before, so we met at the station and we set of to the Pier to chill and then off to the Beach "Home".!.

Day 2

We mainly had a lazy morning, sitting outside basking in the sun, stocking up on that Vitamin D, and just wandering around locally. 
In the afternoon we hired those 4-Seater Bikes and rode around in them.!. My gosh they were so much fun.!.!....though definitely a huge workout.!.
And In the evening went in the fair and rode on as many rides we could and enjoyed killing each other on the Bumper Cars/Dodgems.!.!.

After we went into this really cute restaurant called Charnallies and OMG its just like a typical American Diner. I loved it.!.!. I was soooo nice and cosy...and cute. The food was sooooooooooo good. Of course I got the New York Style Chicken & Bacon Burger.!.!

Day 3

Much to my sad dismay I had to go pack to get back to London.!.!.and soo the morning was just spent enjoying my last minute sun soaking and silent peaceful atmosphere.

So now that I'm back and have no other engagements I'll try and post regularly again.!.! YAY.!.

L.F.A. Xx

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