Monday, 6 May 2013

Scribble Nail Design (Vertical)

These vertical Scribble Nails are really easy to paint. All your going to need is a Base colour, the design colour (preferably a contrasting colour) and a toothpick. And the colours I chose were: White - (Boots), Purple - (Nails Supreme) and the Top Coat - (Boots).
  1. First you need to paint the base colour onto your nails. (I decided on white...well because it goes with anything). Make sure they are completely dry!
  2. Then you you add your other nail polish (I chose Purple!) to the end of  your nail (where your cuticles are) and with a toothpick just scratch through the nail polish whilst its wet; until you get the desired height.
  3. After you let that dry completely, you can add your top coat and your good to go!
Tip. If you get any nail polish on your skin you can get rid of it with a cotton bud/swab soaked in nail polish remover!

L.F.A. Xx

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