Sunday, 5 May 2013

Argan Oil (Xpel Products)

As we've seen over the years Argan Oil products have been popping up everywhere, and so being a girl who struggles with frizz I decided to try these out:

These two Argan Oil (Xpel Marketing) only cost me £1 each (from Poundland), so I wasn't really expecting miracles but these actually aren't that bad. I only got the Conditioner and the Hair Treatment because, I really don't care what shampoo I use (although... maybe I should start to...)
Anyway. The Conditioner was actually quite nice. Its not too thick and it does have a perfumed scent but fear not its subtle. Considering that fact that its £1 for 150ml of product that actually left my hair feeling soft. I'd say it's a goodie.
The Hair Treatment (30ml) was okay. I really like the fact that it didn't leave my hair feeling crispy or really oily, but I hated the smell whilst putting it on. It reminds me of soap which is not something I look for in a treatment, but fortunately the smell doesn't stay in your hair. Also it says 4-5 drops are recommended for long hair, but I don't think that's enough (well for curly hair that is) I used about 8+ drops.

Overall I'd recommend this to those with fine (and manageable) hair, or when you find yourself on a tight budget.
 L.F.A. XX


  1. Unfortunately it looks like Pound land has stopped selling it. Awesome product.

    1. How strange last I popped in I only saw the conditioner available. But a shame, maybe its sold in different pound lands.

  2. Replies
    1. Ouuu thank you! I'll have to pop into one!