Sunday, 19 May 2013

French Pink Bow Nail Art (Topshop)

Today I went to a Beautiful Baby Girls Christening and so I felt inspired to do this really cute easy pink bow nail art design.

These really cute pink bows were bought from a Nail Art set (£2.50 from Topshop) which as you can see below also bring a selection of Pink Bows, Cupcakes, Hearts, and Stars.

So to do these:

  • Paint your nails a plain light pink colour (French Pink - from a nail set given to me in Christmas so any will do.) ((Make sure they are completely dry!!!!)) 
  • Then take the bows out and get them ready. 
  • With a clear nail polish paint a line to the area you will stick it. 
  • Stick the Bow onto the line and hold it down till dry. 
  • Then paint over the nail and bow again in clear nail polish to fully secure it in place!

P.S. These are sort of 3D and so they will feel slightly odd on the nail and may get caught in gurls do your hair first!!

L.F.A. Xx

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