Saturday, 25 May 2013

Casual Greek Style (Under £2)

I went to Vicarage Field Shopping Centre in Barking and managed to put together this outfit.
All for under £2!!
The dress is from a random little store we saw (it seems to be almost like a thrift store since there was only one left in washed out Green/Khaki) and it cost me £1. Its almost a dungarees style but its just above the ankles. (Not as short as the ones we're seeing in stores.) 

As this dress was size-less I used a belt to cinch in my waist. You can get one from anywhere or where one you already have.

The top underneath is a Tie-Back Top (it's pretty backless!) in Dark Blue Tie-Dye. But I used it as like a bandeau top and I think it gives some sort of colour to the outfit! 
It originally came with trousers of the same print but....they weren't that nice so they're being passed of to family :) and since it was only £1 technically the Top was then 50p

To finish off the look I would wear a pair of sandals and a cute gold or silver accessory like a bracelet.(depending on the colour of the buckle on your belt)

P.S. Sorry for the chipped nails!! ....and just remember never judge the look of a store for its contents. Use your imagination and have fun with fashion!

L.F.A. Xx

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