Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Lush Mini Haul.!.!

Yes I've popped into Lush again. I'm in love with their bath bombs!! I got only two this time; one for myself and one to gift to a lovely friend of mine!
Picture taken from ages ago.!....that's why the lighting is sooo different to the other pictures.
First I got the Sex Bomb Bath Bomb for £3.25 which as I've already told you before smells divine and looks absolutely adorable with its embedded rose. (I plan on gifting this one as it matches the theme I'm going for with my friends present! :)
Please excuse the terrible lighting!
And to treat myself I picked up the Blackberry Bath Bomb for £2.95 which like the Sex Bomb Bath Bomb is huge! And also smells really nice. It's a very subtle scent not too in your face, so great for those of you who are not a great fan of overpowering scents.

When I have my relaxing bath I shall post a full review on the Blueberry Bath Bomb.!.

L.F.A. Xx


  1. I just love their bath products. I usually always walk out with Dragon eggs and Creamy Candy :o). Xx

    1. Yeah they are really good value for money.!. And oh I have yet to try them.!. I shall try and get them the next time I go out.!.

      LFA Xx

  2. I love lush! These both look so lovely, you've made me want to have a relaxing bath!xx