Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Vogetti Large Wide Tooth Comb (Finger Comb)

I got this lovely comb from the Company Beauty Week Goodie Bag and my it's brilliant!

If you have curly hair like myself you will know that any other types of brushes are a no go area! Unless you desire frizzy and bushy hair, or worse damaging your luscious locks! As brushes with smaller bristles tend to damage you hair or not let it be in its optimum natural level.

Most hair types will benefit from Wide Tooth Combs as it can be used in the shower as a detangler, with minimum damage to your hair. Personally I use it after a shower to evenly distribute frizz control products through my hair as I feel that it separates my curls but doesn't crush them or de-shape them?

Mine came in this bright pink colour (at least I can't lose it...) but I do know that it also comes in Black. What I will say is that after a couple of uses the logo (the writing on it) has smudged quite a bit but to be honest that doesn't really bother me as its not as if it was something majorly appealing.

What I would say is be carfeful upon dropping this particular one as I belive its made of glass or are glass like plastic (sorry for the terrible despriction) its just that I may kind of have broken one off already... (I know.!. I'm a butter fingers) so maybe invest in a wooden one?

You can from here for £3.25.

L.F.A. Xx

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