Thursday, 19 September 2013

& Other Stories - Shinjuku Bloom Body Scrub

As you may have seen from my & Other Stories Haul I ended up buying the Shinjuku Blossom Scrub. I will admit I was soooo tempted to buy another Equatorial Dreams since I loved it so much but I thought I'd just try something new.

This just smells gorgeous! It has a lovely sweet floral scent that isn't sickly at all (and believe me I can get sick of scents very quickly) but this is fantastic. It's description is "Scattered Cherry Blossom petals after the rain...". I don't know about that but I know its good nonetheless.!.!.!
As you can see the colour is a lovely pink and the consistency is phenomenal. It is sooooo thick and believe this will last you ages as you really don't need much at all. Plus it lathers up too once you scrub it in with a bit of water.!.!.

You can get this for £7 for 250ml. (Which I think is completely worth it due to its consistency)
So have you guys gotten anything from & Other Stories lately?

P.S. I was told by the lovely sales lady that if you bring any previously finished scrub containers back you can get a 10% discount on your next bath product purchase.

L.F.A. Xx

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  1. It looks gorgeous too lol! It looks edible! LOLOL

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