Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Rush Blogger Meet

I was lucky enough to attend the Rush Blogger Meet organised by Laura Craik (@Lauzzenger) and Becky (@Rderbyshire93) and boy was it one hell of a fun event!
First of all I have to thank Olivia of Beauty from the Fjord as thanks to her I found out about this lovely meet.

The location was in Piccadilly Circus at the House of Rush and oh my the venue was soooo beautiful and grand! They were also selling many products in house like Mizani, Kérastase and many other fantastic brands! You can get it online from shoprush.com .

I got to meet so many lovely bloggers (to name a few Olivia (@FjordBeauty), Natalie (@thefashfeed), Anna (@AnnieMACBlog) and let's be honest at first I was (to put it nicely) bricking it. I was soooo nervous as I didn't really know anyone who was going.!. But I had to face my fears and be sociable.!.!.

Sorry girls I know its not the most flattering angle! @honeypop

During the event I managed to get the Mini Oxygenator (£20 for 15 minutes) done which was sooo relaxing and convenient as you can do it over your makeup and doesn't take forever do perfect for a quick fix. The whole idea is that pure oxygen is sprayed onto your face and it hydrates and makes your skin feel much more awake and healthy. (Even though I say spray it's air not water that's being sprayed)
I believe there was also a Fabulips session going on but I didn't give that a go (which I now regret...)

The lovely Dr Gillian Carver and her lovely patient Emily (I believe)
There was also a Live Botox session going on and so I decided to go (being the curious little thing I am). I was surprised as to how quick and easy the procedure looked.
No ginormous needles, No blood, No drawing on the face. Very professional. We were told by the lovely Dr. Gillian Carver more about Botox and that the duration is usually 3-5 months, you should have  no face movement for about 4 hours and then there is a review session after 2 weeks.
"(I don't surport or reject Botox as I feel you can do whatever you want, 
and I just felt that those of you who were interested I would suggest going 
to Epsom Skin Clinics as the women whom did have Botox looked very natural)"

Got a manicure done!!
Photo Taken by the lovely (@AnnieMacBlog)

Another thing I did get done was my Nails!!! I believe I got the Rush File & Polish Manicure (worth £17).
An OPI girls dream shelf!!
Now since my nails had been so short and uneven so I was a bit embarrassed to get them done but the lady was sooo nice and just asked me to go an choose a color, now I chose "Every months an October Fest" which is ironic as it's October and is my favorite month.!.
Photo Taken by the Lovely (@AnnieMacBlog) - my new blogger bestie in-case you haven't realized.!.
The color was a perfect dark plum/red/purple with a bit of shimmer. So it suited short nails and was definitely this seasons colours.!.

And of course last but not least the goodie bag! It was jammed packet full of goodies which I am so excited to try!!
We got a Catherine Colebrook Tote Bag, a Smooch Blusher, 2 W7 Lipsticks...(but I couldn't find the other one to take a picture...it's probably in one of my bags). Some Magic Soap,a South Beach Discount Code and a sample of Structure Paste.!.

Thank you so much for organising such a fantastic event and permitting me to meet so many lovely bloggers!

L.F.A. Xx

P.S. If you guys want to have any treatments done at The House of Rush you can quote BLOG20 for 20% off any Beauty Treatments and MICRO50 for 50% off Microderm Treatments.!.
But this expires on the 31st of October!


  1. It was so nice meeting you and thanks for the mention!!! Couldn't tell you were nervous at all, you're one of the bubbliest bloggers I've met. We need to catch up over a cup of coffee or something.. haha :) xxx

    1. Same.!. I'm glad I didn't scare you off after practically fan girling.!. And awww thats soo sweet of you. Yes that does sound lovely.!. :) Xx

  2. Angelica! Lovely post and your manicure looks gorgeous!
    Was super nice meeting ya :)

    Sheen xxxxxx

    1. Awwww thank you my east london sista!!! It was awesome meeting you too! xx