Friday, 20 June 2014

World Cup Nails - Team England

To say I'm devastated that England didn't make it through is an understatement, but there is still one game left and hopefully England will go out with a Bang! And you can try and sport these nails for the match.

These are relatively easy apart from the Index Finger and the Thumb. The thumb in particular sports on the iconic Lions on the England shirt but is incredibly difficult to do and requires a lot of patience and adjustment depending on the size of your nail.
Again like the last nail design I drew the instructional plans afterwards as its trial and error when I do it as I'm not always sure whether I'll be happy with the end result.

The colours I used for these designs were the: MaxFactor Glossfinity - Colbat Blue, 17 (SEVENTEEN) - Midnight Sapphire and Knockout Red, Essence- Black is Back, and Boots - White. And the nail brush is from my eBay haul but the paint rubbed off. However I will explain all that in a different post.

So now to create these nails follow these instructions:
As you can see the lion has changed many shapes numerous times hehehe sorry I can't always make it identical!

 Here are a couple of tips to help you, and I will do numerical instructions for the thumb so that you may fully get the help you need!
  • Make sure you are CALM and have PATIENCE as this should take you about 25-30 minutes to do this (of course it can be quicker or slower depending on you)
  • INDEX FINGER (See 3rd Bullet Point -->here<--)
Now for the Thumb:
  1. Paint your white base coat and make sure it completely dries.
  2. With either your Nail Art Brush or (my 17 - Midnight Sapphire nail polish already comes with an nail art thin brush) draw the lions arm, main body and tail. Its easier if you keep it all in one line and make sure you make the underbelly closer to the arm than the tail. And Fill in.
  3. Draw in both of the legs and fill in.
  4. Add in a couple of lines for fur on the arm, claws on the leg, and a couple of spikes on the heel of the backlog and on the tail.
  5. Pick up excess nail polish let it drip to the bottom of the brush to form a small circle and place it above of the arm. 
  6. While wet drag the brush from the centre to the outside to form the lions mane. And on the arm draw tiny semi circles for emphasis on the main.
  7. Now with a nail art brush or white add eyes, nose and mouth. And with a red draw a small diagonal above the main body.
  8. Add a dot to the centre of the diamond. Wait until everything is dry and top of with a top coat!

I really recommend you look up and refer back to picture so you can see why you need all those little touches, and so you get a better picture, of how it should look.

So let me know if you guys try it! Tag me or send me photos of your own Team England Nails to @lovefromangelic on both twitter and Instagram! And send me some suggestions for other team nails!

L.F.A. Xx

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