Wednesday, 18 June 2014

World Cup Nails - Team Brazil

Please Excuse the messy nails and bad quality photo!
 The World Cup isn't just for the Lads! Us girls can also love it (probably the only time I fully commit to watching football) and of course we can support all the while having a good manicure!
So if your Team Brazil why not try these beautiful nails! Now these do require some patience and a level of "nail art talent?" But there is a design for every level of artistry! So mix and match or try one of these out!
As you can see I chose an array of nail polishes and brushes to complete this design. They are: Nails Inc. - Queen Victoria Street, Essence - Black is Back, 17 (SEVENTEEN) - Midnight Sapphire and Mini Skirt, and last but not least a Latin American Brand (Aunt brought me them from Colombia) Masglo - Amarillo (Yellow). And the brushes I got from eBay!

Now as you can see I have drawn a step by step guide to how you can do these yourselves. So girls why not follow these instruction:

Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of me doing them at the same time because quite frankly I wasn't sure how they were going to turn out and waste planning on doing a post but since they came out nicely I changed my mind so you guys could do it too! here are some tips so you can achieve this:

  • This will take time so have PATIENCE, be CALM and you will see that your hand becomes steadier.
  • Okay when you are going to do the circle for the Brazilian flag you can use a nail dotter if you have one (it would be easier but I don't have one) or don't clean your brush around the edges and you will see that the excess nail polish will begin to drip down to the end of a brush forming a ball like shape so all you need to do is place it on the centre of the 'Yellow Diamond'
  • You can leave the 'Brasil' on its own but I decided to just add a couple of leaves as rainforest inspiration.
  • Lastly for the football do a 'Pentagon Shape' and for each corner draw another pentagon with a little space between.

Guys if you try any of these please send me a photo! Tag me on Instagram or on Twitter with @lovefromangelic as I really want to see you guys try these!!
If you have any questions ask away and I will bet back to you asap!

 L.F.A. Xx

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  1. Love your Brazil nails! I've also done some for a World Cup competition (I'm so glad I got Brazil!). You can have a look at them here if you like?