Tuesday, 24 June 2014

World Cup Nails - Team Colombia

As a Colombian (that's in South America in case any of you don't know where it it. No I'm not demeaning your intellect but I've been asked way to many tomes where it is.) I'm incredibly proud by how far we've gotten especially as Radamel Falcao our key star player was left out of the World Cup! Bit thankfully we pulled through and have presented some amazing goals!

Anyway as an homage to my glorious birth country I have designed these nails in case any of you are Team Colombia!! These are relatively easy so any of you guys could try these too!
The nail polishes I used were the Masglo - Amarillo (from Colombia!), 17 (SEVENTEEN) - Midnight Sapphire and Knockout Red, Essence Black is Back and Boots White, and y nail brush from eBay.

So again like last time here are some tips and tricks so that your can achieve the same look!
  • This nail design took me about 10-15 minutes so not particularly long but you will need to have PATIENCE and be CALM.
  • Make sure each coat is completely dry so that no bleeding or changing colour occurs.
  • MIDDLE FINGER- I shortened Colombia to COL as my nail isn't long enough!
  • INÐEX FINGER - (Bullet Point 4 for extra detail.) 
  • THUMB - If you look up "Colombia Coat of Arms" for a clearer view of what your drawing but your basically drawing to wings with the Colombian flag with the yellow outwards. And then finish off with a thin black line on the inside and on the put of the yellow.

I hope you guys try this nail design! Remember send me or tag me on Instagram or Twitter @lovefromangelic with your Team Colombia Nail Designs or any other team as I love nail art!

L.F.A. Xx

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