Sunday, 18 May 2014

eBay Bargains!

As a crazy bargain hunter I delved into the world of eBay to see if I could find some needed accessories! Bear in mind everything I bought was FREE DELIVERY! So YAY me!

Soooo sorry about the difference in quality!
First and foremost I got myself an Animal Art Printed iPod Hard Case for £2.45 of an artistic cute red cat which honestly is ridiculously cheap! and matching Red Headphones with a Mic for £2.99! There are loads of other animal options that are awesome! I will definitely be ordering more from them. And this headphone style is really comfortable for me!

Now for the good stuff! If you know me well enough you may know that I am obsessed with Nail Decals; so that's nail stickers, gems, caviar, drawn on designs etc. and usually this doesn't come cheap unless you go to Primark or Poundland. So I figured why not get some stuff from eBay instead.

So firstly I ordered some Nail Glue (10x 2gram pieces) because I bought and have many nail art decals so instead of using a top coat to glue them I thought I'd try this, and as this only cost me 99p I really consider it a good price.

I also got a 3 Piece Tiny Acrylic Nail Brushes, so that I may draw my own nail designs. I got them through bidding for 21p (free delivery) I almost died! They are perfect except I wasn't expecting them to be so large/long but for £0.21 I can deal with it! Also look around and bid for them for a bargain.

Lastly I got three 3D Nail Art Wheels for 99p each. I got a Floral one, a Heart one and a Character one (so one with teddies, frogs and Micky Mouse!!!) which I'm most excited on using!

So what have you guys gotten recently from eBay?

L.F.A. Xx