Saturday, 1 June 2013

Africa's Best Organics: Texture My Way Curl Keeper

 As I may have mentioned before I have naturally curly hair (as I'm Latin American.!) and so I struggle to keep my curls tame and beautiful!
This is my (Go-To) hair product. What's yours?

But with this Moisturizing Hair Lotion I find my curls are:

  •  Nourished (they don't look like straw)
  •  Natural (not overly greesy or sticky ot crispy like curly fries,)
  •  and Bouncy.!
Sorry for the messed up bottle but here are the instructions!
and in French too! ;)

This product smells amazing too! (I suck at describing scents so I won't try.!...) well... I'll just say it's a little sweet but kinda like berries!...(see I told you!) and well whenever I wear this I've gotten compliments!

So I would definitely recommend getting this in any of your local Afro-Caribbean Hair Shops (or online and sites like Amazon?) I got mine for £1.98 for 355nl of product.! So absolute bargain especially considering its organic.!

P.S. Goodness this product has a really long name.! But it is AMAZING!

L.F.A. Xx


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