Saturday, 15 June 2013

& Other Stories - Equatorial Dreams Body Scrub

.!.One of the BEST body scrub I have ever used.!.
Equatorial Dreams Body Scrub - 250ml for £7
Last time I went shopping down Oxford Street/Regent Street I popped into the new (well....relatively new since its store opened up in March) & Other Stories. It's owned by H&M but its designed independently and kinda caters to the higher-end high street shopper, however you must check out their Bath & Body section.!.
Directions: In the shower/bath: smooth over damp skin
 and massage well. Rinse off.

As you can see the scrub comes in an amazing blue colour (which I love) and I must say the thickness of this body scrub is phenomenal.
 I usually find that body scrubs can be really watery but my gosh this isn't.!.
You may already know that I suck at describing scents, but I know this smells amazing; sweet but also fresh.

A lovely surprise was that it also created a little bit of foam which I think is fantastic as most scrubs don't usually do this.
This also left my skin feeling soft and most of all fresh & scented!

Overall I would definetly recomend this product to everyone who love scented scrubs. and It's definetley affordable. (considering the prices of other scrubs and quality)

P.S. What other scrubs have you tried? Or what other scents from & Other Stories have you tried?

L.F.A. Xx

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