Sunday, 5 October 2014

Essence Effect Eye Pencils Long-Lasting (Shades 1-6)

You may know by now I absolutely love bright coloured products that can just give you that extra oomph when it comes to make-up. Although for some it may not be wearable makeup I do find that for Clubbing, Halloween, and Festivals bright eyeliners look awesome!!
I'm sorry this looks so bad!!! On the links there are better photos! Sorry!!

And here I have all 6 Shades from Essence to review and swatch for you! These retail for £2 each so very cheap. As you can see the packaging is very reflective and so was a pain to photograph! But I do like how reflective and neon the packaging is as it makes it even more appropriate for festivals and party goers!!

Please excuse how terrible the pencils look. It's just that I got too excited and started using them before I realised that I hadn't taken a picture of it yet! :(

Aptly named the Silver Surfer this shade is a very bold silver colour and can really draw the attention to your eyes and brings out the colour of your eyes. Now for all of you wanting to try something new I would definitely suggest trying this shade; and although it may not seem wearable, it truly is! My sister rocks silver eyeliner all the time and she really pulls it off. So I’m going to be passing this one on to her.

Now this Gold was so disappointing for me! I wanted to be one of those Golden Goddesses and unfortunately I think colour pay-off wasn’t exactly the best. Now I don’t know if this is just the way it looks on me but I find that it doesn’t suit me as much as I’d want it to. It blends in better into my skin and doesn’t stand out. This is probably due to the fact that my skin tone is a warm olive.

I would recommend this shade to darker skin tones and if you have cooler undertones to your skin as I feel it will stand out more.

This blue is my second favourite shade out of the whole collection as it is such a brilliant electric blue, it really does follow suit to its name. Honestly it is fantastic. It applies evenly throughout the entire eye and it brings out brown eyes beautifully.
I don’t know how this will look on blue eyes but I imagine it depends on the shade of blue your eyes are.. I really think this will go perfectly for all skin types and am honestly in love with it.

Is definitely a strong bold green that definitely catches your eyes! I absolutely love this shade too. The application was really simple and the colour pay-off was just instant. I think this would look great on all skin tones! From the picture you can see that I should have gone over it a little more so that the middle of my eyelid had full colour but…..I was too excited, sorry!

Now for my Favourite shade. This was a very misleading shade as I had initially thought from the packaging just like the others that this was going to be a bright pink however I was pleasantly surprised as  it was a much more flattering shade. A PURPLE!! This is fantastic news for me as I was worried I was going to look like I had an irritated eye.
This appears a lot darker in person than it does on camera but I like both regardless. I think it is one of the most wearable shades in the collection and would loo amazing with a dark smoky eye or on its own too!
(!!This shade contains CARMINE!!)

This shade is definitely the most wearable shade in the whole collection as it is a black. However it isn’t a true black. More like a very very very dark grey which is always good to have. I feel that this would be best used for that smudged eye makeup look. As you can see it applies fantastically well, and will suit absolutely everyone.

Overall thoughts are that my absolute favourites are definitely METAL-PHANTOM and STEEL-SMURF. As they are probably the most fun and best pigmented out of the lot. Of course the textures of these eyeliner are very creamy and of course therefore have the tendency to move around. Also it can imprint an incredibly light amount of product onto the top of your eyelids but of course that depends on your eyeshade as those with mono-lids don’t have to worry about this.

Regardless I do recommend this for everyone as these will be an awesome addition to any makeup! Plus if you are going to try branching into coloured eyeliner these are inexpensive so you won’t be wasting your money.
So let me know what you think? Which will you try and what's your favourite?

L.F.A. Xx
*These were given to me during an event however I always give my full and honest opinion*


  1. Steel smurf is my favourite, what a gorgeous colour pop and so unique too xxx

    1. Yesss it's absolutely beautiful isn't it!!! You must try it!

  2. These look amazing. Metal-Phantom is beautiful!


    1. It really is. And truly very wearable!! Although I'll probably wear it at night.