Thursday, 25 September 2014

John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Moisturising Shampoo & Conditioner

As a brunette and curly haired women (both those combos are deadly) I find that my hair is usually very dry and a little bit dull, unless of course I add oils, serum or my hair is dirty. You may remember a while back I posted a huge John Frieda Haul and from that I got this the: Brilliant Brunette Moisturising Shampoo & Conditioner.

So as you can see it comes in an appropriately brown bottle and it at the back is says:
"With crushed pearls and sweet almond oil, moisturising formula rehydrates*, protects and preserves brunette colour as it dehydrated and replenishes dry, colour treated hair for a satin feel*.
 *The words that are underlined were added from conditioner bottle.*
I obviously used a lot more product than this on my hair!
Now I don't have dyed hair and as its not colour depositing I knew the colour of my hair wasn't going to be changed however since its moisturising  and for colour treated hair I figured that it was going to be nice and delicate for my hair.
Both of these smell of almonds; usually I dislike nutty scents, however this was not overpowering at all and actually smelled really nice. What I will say is that the consistency of the Shampoo is very runny and the conditioner isn't very thick either which is disappointing but I understand that its not a mask.

Overall my hair was left soft and moisturised but nothing significant/life changing. This is a lovey Shampoo and Conditioner and if it is on offer again I may repurchase it but for now I am still trying other hair care products. So have you tried these? What were your thoughts?

 You can get these from:
Superdrug -
SHAMPOO 250ml - £5.50
CONDITIONER 250ml - £5.50

 Boots -
SHAMPOO 250ml - £5.59
CONDITIONER 250ml - £5.59

L.F.A. Xx

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