Thursday, 22 May 2014

Tierra Jewellery (Amigos De Tierra)

Last I went to Stratford City Westfield I was tempted into this cute little Spanish Jewellery store [Tierra] (well a sales woman gave me a flower at the door and I felt bad not going in) but I was glad I did.!.

All of their products are NATURAL, ORGANIC, & HANDMADE which I think is brilliant.!.  I bought a ring which has these Strawberries, Hearts, Bells and Blue Stones hanging from it.!. (They are adjustable so they can fit any ring size) Which did cost me £15.!. ...

BUT this also included a cute Little Bag to put the ring in, a Note Book, and I got to spin a little wheel and got to get a free gift which was a Hairpin. I had to pick from a basket which had many other colours but the girl who served me was sooo nice that she offered to get me a blue one to match the ring.!.!.!
"...Love filtrates like water leaving dampness forever..."
Considering most places do charge for the bag and, don't give you a free booklet or hairpin.And don't even take the environment into consideration I actually think this is relatively cheap.!. This is perfect as a gift for someone (as you can write or draw in the Note Book) or even for yourself.
So why not give this cute boutique a try?

P.S. The ring does come in Red and White so there is variety.!.And there's loads of cute stuff too.!.

L.F.A. Xx

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