Friday, 15 August 2014

Sanctuary Spa Relax Cocooning Body Butter

"Blended with essential oils to help relax &calm the mind, providing a gentle unwind to a stressful day."

You may remember for Christmas I got one of the Sanctuary Spa Body Butter Gift Set with 3 of their body butters (Cocooning, Mandel Lular and their Original Body Butter). Today I will be reviewing their Cocooning Body Butter 100ml!
I had never tried any of Sanctuary Spa Products before so I was looking forward to it, especially as I heard that they were very good.

This particular one is meant to help calm and unwind after a long stressful as it contains:
"Vetivert - Helps to calm the mind,
Cederwood - Helps promote clarity, 
Labdanunm - Helps to provide relaxation "
It also contains Shea, illipe (a butter pressed from tree nuts) and sacred lotus so its meant to be incredibly moisturising and perfect for dry skin. As you can tell from the ingredients (illipe and sacred lotus) are considered mainly Asian (Malaysian and Chinese) so it is expected that the overall fragrance is very Oriental and deep. This is further reinforced as you see a Koi Fish shadow on the packaging which I thought was a cute touch.

However contrary to what its meant to do I did not find this relaxing at all, which was very disappointing to me as it states its meant to relax. The scent wasn't overly strong which I like, but it want exactly phenomenal either. It was intriguing though as its a very deep unusual scent, that honestly I can't place! (sorry I suck at describing scents!)
Now the consistency is lovely! Its nice and thick but not so stiff that its hard to use. So it's perfectly easy to massage it into the skin! It is actually very moisturising and leaves the skin feeling nice and soft.

Overall this is a lovely body cream but I don't think I'd be repurchasing this for myself as the scent just didn't quite match with me. I do recommend you try it as it is cheaper then other brands (i.e. Body Shops 200ml for £13). Lastly if you don't like strong scents this might just be perfect for you as it is very understated and muted scent.

You can get this from:
Sanctuary Spa: £9.50 for 200ml
L.F.A. Xx


  1. It's such a shame you didn't find it relaxing, I love sanctuary spa and use the body scrub but haven't ventured into other products xx

    1. I know I was gutted! Ouuuu I haven't tried their body scrub. Mayble i'll enjoy that more!